Her Space: Taylor Swift Thanks January, Posts Personal Pics for Fans

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Taylor Swift had an incredible 2009.

How did she celebrate the best year of her life? By taking January off.

"I have walked on snow-covered grass and discovered new coffee shops and laughed hysterically with friends about things that probably weren’t technically funny. I’ve written songs on napkins and sat at a giant table with my whole family on my mother’s birthday, all of us in one place for the first time in too long. I’ve gotten to take what has happened to me and process it to my full capability, and celebrate it the way it deserved to be celebrated.”

Awww, good for T. Swizzle! She's also let fans in a bit, posing the following images from the month that was:

In conclusion, Taylor wrote:

“I’ve made new music. I’ve gone over the memories and jumped up and down with my producer and floated around with nothing on my schedule other than just appreciating what my life has somehow turned into. So thank you for giving me so much to be thankful for this January. Thank you beyond what I know how to say.”

No, thank YOU, Taylor, for being such a grounded, normal, appreciative superstar.


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Best wishes for many continued successes, Taylor!

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