Heidi Montag: Hotter After Plastic Surgery?

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Now more plastic than human, more machine than woman, a cyborg-like Heidi Montag recently (and willingly) decided to undergo 10 plastic surgery procedures.

This wasn't her first time, either.

Despite being only 23 years young, Heidi Montag has had a nose job and a boob job and likely some work on those lips as well - and that was all back in 2007.

The question is? Did it do anything for her? Or did she look better as the fresh-faced cutie we first saw in the early days of The Hills? Vote in our poll below ...

Plastic Surgery Princess

Heidi before and after many operations. [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

Heidi Montag looks hotter ...


her face is fake! her nose, her lips, her eyes, even her skin look like michael jackson. she is not hot at all. she should be proud of what she got naturally. oh man! I don't know what to say.. it's so hard to discribe how bad her face (and her body) is -_-


she looked better after the first surgery now she just looks older and she dont look happy to me shelooks like s**t now if u ask me


The weird thing is she wants to be a big star but I don't see it. What I do see is the New heidi kinda looks like faith hill in a younger version


She was pretty before. She just looks plastic now. You can tell it's plastic surgery and if you can tell it's not good. Sad.


She went from looking like a happy, healthy, beautiful 20-something to a 40 year old Stepford wife. Egads!!!


She looks great. But she looked great before. Now she looks like any of a number over-done, over-processed socialite/porn stars.


she looks 33, not 23.
her breasts look ridiculous.
she is deluded. honey, you don't look 'good' or 'perfect' - you look trashy, old and plastic.
beauty is natural, organic, individual and if you need to change yourself entirely to feel like you have that.....well, that is unfortunate.
i hope you make the money you desire from this, so that you can buy your happiness for awhile, because one day, inevitably, you will wind up a very lonely, unhappy and physically uncomfortable lass.


wow...i guess she must've hated herself...there's nothing left of her former self....Barbie, yes.....she does look pretty gorgeous..if you like the fake and plastic type.....


She looks like a beautiful OLDER woman!


I am amazed at the length she went to, to be somebody else entirely, this just makes her even more unattractive. No matter how big her saggy boobs get or how tiny her nose can be, she'll never be anyone but Heidi and she needs to accept that.
She's 23....she needs botox!? Hun, you must have some baaad jeans.
She looks more plastic than human, good for you. I like blow-up dolls....don't we all?

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