Heidi Montag Defends Constant Plastic Surgery

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Having undergone so many plastic surgery procedures that she barely resembles her past self, Heidi Montag says she just tries to beautiful, inside and out.

Asked on Good Morning America for a response to those who say she is addicted to plastic surgery, Montag tried to say she's not addicted ... or something:

"I would say that none of those people know me at all. That's just a judgment. I'm not addicted. If I were addicted, I would have had 10 plastic surgeries."

What she had, actually, was 10 procedures on the same day in November. This followed previous plastic surgery three years ago where she had a lot done.

In a recent interview, Montag admitted she was "beyond obsessed" with having work done. She is now backing away from that notion ... only not really.

Fake Girl

Spencer Pratt's barely recognizable wife. [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

Asked why she'd want to look like a Barbie doll, Montag replied: "I think I look like myself. I think I just look like a different, improved version of myself."

Many observers are upset with the message that's sent to young girls when an already attractive 23-year-old chooses to undergo so many alterations.

But Heidi Montag says it's her life – and her line of work. Yes, work.

"I'm in a different industry," Montag said, "I have to do things that are going to make me happy. I'm living in my skin, and I look in the mirror and it's my career and my life, and you only have one. So, I want to take advantage of everything."

But has it helped or hurt? Tell us! Heidi Montag looks hotter ...


OMG she looks HORRIBLE after those surgeries!!! She looks old! She looks stiff! She looks like a mannequin on a window, some wax thing. That girl has to have her head examined, really!


She doesn't look like she did when "The Hills" first started, without a doubt. Now she looks like a barbie, which, if that's your thing, great. But as she gets more work done, which inevitably she will, she's going to look like the Cat Lady by the time she's 30. In fact, she made herself look older with the procedures- I would never guess her for 23 if I didn't know otherwise. It's so sad that she's coping with her insecurities by starting down the road of surgeries and drugs- they give you powerful painkillers and muscle relaxers after surgery which are incredibly addictive. If she stops now, she'll save herself a future filled with agony. It seems like Hollywood has taken her soul and fucked with it hardcore...


She looks 32 in stead of 23. And by the time she is 40 she will look like Joan Rivers.


Strange, but I always thought she was naturally extremely pretty--I mean way above average in terms of her natural symmetry and proportions... How much can you improve on natural good luck?? And she is sooo young... Does she realize this isn't like trying on a different nail polish or hairdo?? Her body was still growing!... She's supposed to look young, so why work on an incomplete version? I naturally grew into a DD cup from being a B as a teen and a C in my 20s and it was not from weight gain. I just matured and filled out naturally, plus, got the right size bra. Give it a few years!! I just totally don't understand her desperate point of view. And when she detailed the gory procedures that was such a HUGE turn-off for her potential fans--yuck to the max! Now everytime I see her I'll think--her contoured lips are composed of fat substances cut out of her behind!--eh.


I see depression in her future. GO GET HELP GIRL you are a hot mess! YOU are lookin like an ole TRANNY now.


Hey Spencer, I think Heidi is ready for Porn now. The hardcore stuff. She has the porn star look now use her till she drops. lolol


Honestly no amount of plastic surgery will make this girls voice better....another ANNA NICOLE smith with the husband to match, she looks so fake now nothing remotely cute about her. Not to mention she looks really stiff, it is not only pathetic it is sad...she must be on drugs.


well it's extreme to go through that much surgery but undeniably she DOES look better, though oddly 10 years older. I wouldn't have gone that large on the boob job though. That's just looks ridiculous when they're way over-large and totally out of proportion to the body. Her previous boob job was the perfect size and she should have quit there.


OMG she dosent look like the same person anymore, soooooo weird!


You can't post your journal in people magazine saying "I am totally obsessed with all the work I want don'r, I can't stop thinking about it...blabla" and then say, "i'm not addicted" there is a fine line..
And you can't say, "I just want to be beautiful inside and out and be myself" and say, "I work in this industry where you are expected to look a certain way, there is a lot of pressure." Pick an argument.
It is sad at 23 you think you need to cut off parts of your body and then have them stuffed with something else. To each her own, but don't try to make me feel bad for you or believe that you are empowering yourself. I feel sorry for you, we all can empathise with distorted self image, but don't hacvk yourself up.

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