Heidi Montag: Plastic Surgery Addict

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She may be only 23, but The Hills' Heidi Montag is already closing in on that many plastic surgeries. While that sounds like an exaggeration, but it's really not.

Her new single is called "I'll Do It." The lyrics suggest that she is referring to something sexual, but these words could also describe her take on any operation.

Nose. Lips. Boobs. Done, done and done. That was before she decided to go under the knife and have a staggering 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day.

"For the past three years, I've thought about what to have done," Heidi tells People, which features the plastic princess on its cover. "I'm beyond obsessed."

Plastic Surgery Addict

Has she gone too far? Depends on the paychecks, right Heidi?

If nothing else, Heidi Montag has at least been fully open about all the operations she's had to turn herself into a generic, bleach-blonde Hollywood bimbo.

But on November 20, Montag took her transformation to a new level. Keeping her family in the dark, she continued her journey to become "the best me."

Pretty soon, "the best her" will resemble Michael Jackson at this rate. Seriously, if she thinks this is what she needs to become a pop star, God help us.

Good alterations? YOU tell us! Heidi looked hotter ...


what have you done??!! was probably your prick of a husband talkin you into it!! your on 23, you were so beautiful before!!!


...but she still has a Pratt for a husband.


Leave her alone with your mean things you are saying you all need to grow up and stop acting this way people get breast surgery all the time and for most it gives people confidence . dont be jelious cause she is beautiful girl you should learn to envy all that is beautiful everyone is beautiful hopefully on the inside as it most should count


She look totally different even look older..Is she 23?...well just wait untill she get 40 and her face will blow out.She doen't need to put all that kind of garbage in her face and body...Crazy


I know some of you think she looks better and I think it's all in the eyes of the beholder. I am writing my comment to those who think she has gone too far... You have to stit back and look at the bigger picture... what about all of the playboy girls who have had the same surgeries done (and then some), we don't talk shit on them do we? The only difference is that we just didn't have the ability to make the comparison to what they looked like before. Sure we are all beautiful the way we are (and I really believe that we are) but look at what the media has caused... an irregular physical idea of what women are suppose to look like. The idea of what the "perfect" woman should look like. Playboy still exists because of this realization. I believe that we might have forgotten who she was if we weren't all so worried about what she had done to her body. I am not saying what she did is right but it is what it is and let the girl do what ever she wants to do.


Hello to the next Janice Dickinson


I had nightmares of this girls face just from the preview of her show.I looked into this show, n found out shes married, what kind of guy would encourage to alter what he married? That girl looks like an alien,and her face scares me in my sleep, weird. Look out cat woman, you have comp.


She looks disgusting.. It amazes me how beautiful she was and thinks she doesnt look good enough. Yea she may have perky breasts now but she look fake!!! Like a plastic Barbie Doll!!!! being fake isnt sexy Heidi!!!!!! You look pathetic and everyone knows it. nobody thinks you look good except for your self obbessed person you call "a great husband"


You know i really use to like her she was so pretty and all natural.I really think she looks really bad..She doesnt even look human anymore.I think she messed up big but their is no way of taking it back.With all the surgerys she done thats as many surgerys a person who is older would have not a girl in her 20's ..Feel so bad for her..


o man... she was so beautiful before, my heart goes out to her

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