Heidi Montag: Plastic Surgery Addict

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She may be only 23, but The Hills' Heidi Montag is already closing in on that many plastic surgeries. While that sounds like an exaggeration, but it's really not.

Her new single is called "I'll Do It." The lyrics suggest that she is referring to something sexual, but these words could also describe her take on any operation.

Nose. Lips. Boobs. Done, done and done. That was before she decided to go under the knife and have a staggering 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day.

"For the past three years, I've thought about what to have done," Heidi tells People, which features the plastic princess on its cover. "I'm beyond obsessed."

Plastic Surgery Addict

Has she gone too far? Depends on the paychecks, right Heidi?

If nothing else, Heidi Montag has at least been fully open about all the operations she's had to turn herself into a generic, bleach-blonde Hollywood bimbo.

But on November 20, Montag took her transformation to a new level. Keeping her family in the dark, she continued her journey to become "the best me."

Pretty soon, "the best her" will resemble Michael Jackson at this rate. Seriously, if she thinks this is what she needs to become a pop star, God help us.

Good alterations? YOU tell us! Heidi looked hotter ...


I think that Heidi's had enough plastic surgery.


she dosnt look that bad.......so leave her alone.....i just hope she dosnt continue with the plastic surgery


Now if Heidi actually looked like her post-op face, and that was indeed her natural face - then we would all think she is gorgeous (well in the fourth pic) but she isnt. She should never have gotten soo much surgery. she looks like a completely different person! So stupid, makes people totally aware of your insecurities.


I get depressed when I think of what Heidi did to herself. It just reminds me that when we make some decisions in life there is no turning back. I've seen her face movements online on a couple of different sites and I've noticed that one of her cheeks is messed up. When she smiles, one of her cheeks looks lumpy or out of sinc with the other cheek. I wonder if the plastic surgeon accidentally cut a nerve or something. My suggestion to Heidi is to leave her face alone. She has already done enough damage to herself. I feel that she destroyed her career when she altered her face. Her fresh, unique look that gave her that extra wow-factor is gone. She made this awful plastic surgery decision now she has to live with the consequences. No use in crying over spilt milk. Maybe she can at best become a hand model or a porn star. Heidi please don't punish your mother for being devastated by your surgeries. She just wants what is best for you.


One more thing, I do not think cosmetic surgery should ever be used as a fix but there are people out there who are mentally healthy and want to better themselves, I honestly think Heidi went overboard with 10 procedures in one day but that was her decision. Bashing someone, especially someone like Heidi who is
obviously very sensitive about her looks is not nice.
Heidi is still pretty, but i do agree she does look like every other blonde in LA but i bet some of you posting these mean, spiteful comments are the ones with the bleached out hair or black hair with the overly orange spray tans. I can guarantee none of you are perfect and before you put someone down look at yourself in a mirror and look at your many flaws. Some people just have enough balls to fix theirs instead of making jealous comments to make themselves feel better.


Wow, so many jealous comments on this page!
You know your comments show how smart and mature you all are. Sad, its people like you who drive others to do cosmetic surgery in the first place! I bet if she never did a single thing you all would say "God she is ugly" and now since she has gotten work done you say "God she is ugly, she was so pretty before".
Cosmetic surgery is a persons own right and its none of your business if someone wants to get anything done, all you say is plastic surgery is bad and it makes people so ugly, OK so then why do you think Angelina Jolie is pretty? or Jessica Alba? Wanna bet they have gotten work(ALOT)done? How is that different?
I think she looks fine and she was a natural beauty but its done and she got cosmetic surgery, so what! Why does it bother you all so much? Do you wish you could do it? Jealousy is a bitch.


i can not believe the things people have written on here
its incredible how spitful and mean these comments are ... you guys are obviously focusing on her physical appearance way to much its her life and she has her reason behind what she has done you have to look at the bigger picture and what she has een through recently .i mean how would you feel if you found a page like this about you with all these mean comments on it ... leave the poor girl alone and give her a break she is still the same person just altered


wow. that was not smart! she looks gross, like a messed barbie. she was beautiful and natural before, and bam, plastic and sculpting, equals nastiness. she could have gained 150 pounds and would have looked the same grossness as plastic surgery. sorry heidi, that wasnt smart.


yuck!! you look like courtney love and donna from 90210!!! and a bit of a drag queen...all mixed in one...plus ur boobs look sooooo bad....poor thing...I would die to have to wake up everyday knowing I screwed up my face...


I Think She Looks U G L Y !! she looked waay better b4.
she looks likee a fake human size barbie ! :)

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