Haters Ramp Up Criticism of Heidi Montag

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Following an epically disgusting plastic surgery bonanza that made her more Barbie than human, the Heidi Montag haters are coming out of the woodwork.

Not that they were really in any sort of woodwork, or the latest round of Heidi Montag plastic surgery disfigured her that much more than the previous 12.

But you get the idea.

The gross reality star underwent a staggering 10 operations November 20, and has received a deluge of hate mail and criticism since revealing that fact.

Rumors that she did it as a career move, and that she's getting her mom some surgery for Mother's Day haven't exactly helped Heidi from a PR standpoint.

Negative reaction to her extreme makeover has left Montag feeling down that husband Spencer Pratt has had to step in to cheer her up. What a nice guy.

Sliced and Diced Pretty Hard

CAT LADY: Heidi's new fake mouth hasn't smiled much lately.

“Spencer ordered seven bunches of flowers to cheer up Heidi after she received a letter saying her plastic surgery was against God’s will,” a source said.

“Heidi’s a very spiritual girl, so this kind of criticism really stings.”

She really is. Girl does everything with God as the top priority.

Spencer Pratt may be putting on a happy face, but he isn’t happy with Heidi’s, the source says. “She looks like Cat Lady ... It’s all a little too much."


“Spencer loved how Heidi looked before this surgery. Because she’s still swollen and the surgery hasn’t fully settled yet ... he’s a bit shocked.”


WHO CARES..another Hollywood twit getting famous for what!! She's a bimbo...funny enough her OWN plastic surgeon was on tv and disputed her whole "she was almost dead" lies. She's just another good ole' Christian girl...yeah right


I can't believe she listens so much to what people say about her. If you're in Hollywood, you will always have people who hate you (and yes, in large numbers). Seriously, if it made her happy then that is all that matters. As for the haters, keep talking because you're making her richer.


before and after pics of her are scary. mothers hide your teen daughter from this monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What's the big deal? In my expert opinion, I think that she looks a lot better now than before. As for someone stating that it's "against God's will": what about someone who is badly burned and gets plastic surgery? Is that too against God's will? How does this evidently "all knowing" person even know what "God's will" is? People are sheep and tend to make their opinions based on others.


no turning back now...they both need to suck it up and keep these feelings in mind, next time she visits the dr's office. She will never be able to undo this....lets just hope she can one day live it down...


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