Happy Birthday, Elin Nordegren Woods!

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Elin Nordegren, the scorned wife of the world's #1 golfer and adulterer Tiger Woods, turns 30 years old on this first of January. Happy birthday, Elin!

If Tiger has any brains, he'll order up a Kobe special for his girl to get the year started off right. He doesn't want her coming at him wielding a 9-iron.

If you have any brains, you'll click to enlarge this gallery of Elin Woods pictures we put together below. We can't believe Tiger cheated on her either:

  • Vintage Elin Nordegren
  • Fight For the Kids
  • What Elin Knew

What celebrity birthdays are coming up next as we begin an exciting new year of Hollywood news and gossip? Check out our calendar and find out!

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If you both want to stay together let no one stand in your way.
The children will love you both in years to come.
I know my daughter of 56 years has never gotten over the divorce of her mother and I.


I second the last comment!! Plus, I think Elin is so sweet, sincere, and incredibly strong!
I hope all her best friends, twin sister, parents, etc. are standing by her now!... I will truly miss seeing such a lovely, family-oriented, yet unpretentious person on the public stage. But I will not miss cringing about Tiger... She is simply too good for him, but love is blind...:) Have a wonderful NEW year, Elin!


Happy Birthday Elin! May this year and your future hold good health, much joy and prosperity for you and your children - The recent challenges you have faced show what a strong and classy woman you are. This is a beginning Elin of a new lease on life where you will reap the rewards you so richly deserve. Our character is formed not by the challenges we face but by How we face those challenges and you are facing them with dignity and grace. God bless you dear.


Wish you a nice birthday with your family and a new year of happiness, good health, wealth, love, and honesty. I know that it's hard to forgive what Tiger has done to you, but somewhere in your heart, I hope you can forgive him and be a happy family again. Just make sure that he keeps his words on becoming a better husband, father, and person. You guys belong together, so don't let those shameful and disgusting bimbos affect the love between you and Tiger. I hope that once Tiger goes on TV to talk about everything that you come along, so he can apologize to you on national television to show how sorry he is. Til then, enjoy your day and continue to look beautiful and classy. I love your modeling pictures, VERY GORGEOUS!!!


Happy Birthday Elin. Hope the start of a new decade brings you much joy, peace, and love in your life. Hang in there, hold your head up high, and be strong. Keep believing because there are much better fish in the sea who will love you for who you are and will respect you as a person. God Bless!


Thousands of people all over the world are wishing you and your children great happiness and prosperity. Being a mother of two is a hard job and we know you will do well. Keep being yourself Elin and you shall go far in life.


Happy Birthday Elin...30 is a great age to start a whole new life without that scumbag husband who has not treated you with the respect you deserve...kick him to the curb with his sluts....but don't forget to get as much of his money as you can first while he still has some as his FORMER sponsors no longer want his sorry butt either


wow happy new year mrs olly sluty


HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Elin!! You got it going on!! You will definitely have a better super year when you DIVORCE that ADULTERER Tiger!! You can do so much better than Tiger and you deserve more!! Please have self-respect, DIVORCE UGLY CHEATER LIAR DISGUSTING Tiger! Elin is BEAUTIFUL!!


Happy birthday sweetheart !!
Let me give you some advice :
1. stay married to this jerk (but don't live with him obviously) only to spend ALL HIS MONEY. Buy yourself homes, jewels, cars, dresses, luxury bags.....
2. travel around the world using the jet and the yacht
3. and finally start dating some hot guys like Kelly Slater and make sure that the pig knows all about.
For me it sounds like a sweet revenge but you deserve it.
By the way tell the stupid guy to get his eyes checked. You are DROP DEAD GORGEOUS and SO CLASSY. Don't know how he could cheat on you with so low sluts !!! Disgusting.