Hannah Montana is Coming to An End

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Enjoy Miley Cyrus in the role of Hannah Montana while you can, Disney Channel viewers. You won't be seeing her as that iconic character for much longer.

The actress will hang up her alternate persona in 2010, as the fourth season of this series will be its last. Filming on it begins this month and the show's final episode will air some time in the fall.

"It's one of the things [her character Miley Stewart] has been wrestling with for months," Disney Channel executive Andy Bonnett said. "Whether it's time to make a decision to continue being Hannah Montana or just be a regular, ordinary girl."

It's unclear which path the character will choose, but it's been clear for awhile that Miley is ready to break away from the series.

Cyrus has said she doesn't like pop music and many of her magazine spreads make it apparent this is a young women ready to be seen as more than a Disney character.

We actually encourage the move. Our problems with Miley stem from her attempts to play innocent one moment, and then ride a stripper pole the next.

If she wants to grow as an artist and be taken more seriously as an adult, she should definitely leave Hannah Montana behind. But will her fan base follow her?

You tell us!


yes i will follow her i love everything about her and willl ALWAYS support hur


its about freakin time she got off the stage.... now me and my ears can have some peace from that whores voice!


I love hannah montana she opened my eyes without the blonde hair she is nothing don't think me wrong but miley tell us the truth I know you love hannah montana she is the best character you have look at the other stars they wish that they don't have the look you are so lucky I love hannah montana please just be with hannah at least when 30 if you leave hannah behind that mean you don't have a hart your be just like an android cold blood please post this and show miley what I wrote and miley promes your fans that leave hannah when your 30 good luck


HAHA... already... miley you're only 17 years old. you should be in disney till you're 20. I mean come on you act like you're 25 years old. i like you but sometimes you scare your fans, you are growing fast, too fast. TAKE IT EASY. you are 17, you are still a kid. You wanna be virgin till you're married. Keep that on your mind, cause your fans think already you had sex with two men. its not to be mean but seriously you're 17. Look at your friends in disney they're older than you. they are normal, they take it easy.


*reaches for a tissue* I have been waiting for this moment! Thank you, finally.


y cant u bitches stop discouraging miley and encourage her to become a better person and she is also my favourite celebrity in the world.


she,s the best .she must not quit as though i think the serial makes us know about the difficult life of her. Just wanna say the best actress and singer.i love you hannah / miley.i m your biggest fan.


Thank God
i am so tired of that stupid show she shouldn't be on Disney any way because she is not a vary good role model


Miley needs to completely stop her career. She has not one bit of talent in her. I dont mean to sound bitter but she is soooo annoying. And she looks like a fucking monkey. I just cant stand her. Her a$$ is zero to me. She needs makeup to cover those large bumps on her nose and cheeks. YUK.




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