Golden Globe Fashion Face-Off: Taylor Lautner vs. Leonardo DiCaprio

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Has the torch of handsomeness been passed?

In 1997, Leonardo DiCaprio was the king of the hotness world, fresh off Titantic and causing girls everywhere to scream in delight.

Over a decade later, Taylor Lautner seems to have taken the beauty baton and run with it, as the Twilight Saga star is responsible for countless cases of laryngitis across the world.

At last night's Golden Globe Awards, these two generations of gorgeous men crossed paths. Each walked the red carpet, as onlookers were forced to don ear plugs in anticipation of the yelps and cat calls coming Leo and Taylor's way.

Does DiCaprio still have what it takes to make you swoon? Or has Lautner surpassed his fellow hunk on the sexy scale? Compare their looks at the event below and you make the call!

Taylor on Red Carpet
Leo Pic

Who looks more handsome?

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taylor é perfeito essas meninas estão loucas
se fizessem essa pesquiza no brasil com certeza o leo não receberia nem a metade que o tay receberia!
e aposto q o leo naum tem a metade do corpo do tay!


com certeza taylor lautner ele é perfeito!
milhõesde vezes melhor q leo!!
ás brasileiras concerteza preferem ele!
ele é lindo demaiis! quem não vê isso é cega!
concerteza um deus grego!
i love you taylor!


to compare leonardo dicaprio with that nobody is a crime...


Leo is the revival of classic hollywood..the most perfect man alive.


LOL wow listen to the desperate comments left by Leo fans here. The guy is a talented actor and still holds up well looks wise. But it reeks of desperation to suggest that Taylor is anything but gorgeous to try and boost Leo up. By the time Taylor has been in the game as long as Leo has, he might just have a 'Titanic' to his credit too. After all, apparently all it takes is getting cast in a James Cameron film at this point. Either way he has sex appeal, talent, and crazy physical skills in addition to really appearing to be genuine, sincerely a nice guy and humble. That all adds up to make him totally mouth watering.


this is a trick question, right? taylor lautner is fugly. his features r horrible and he looks like a prairie dog. dicaprio is the real deal, classically handsome with perfect features. the only thing taylor has over leo is he's younger. when taylor is leo's age no one will look at him once let alone twice. and his popularity as compared to leo's circa the late 90's is like comparing a speck of dirt to a mountain. leo was way bigger. leo is also a genuinely talented actor, one of the best. this comparison is just plain ridiculous.


Leo is an actor...
Taylor...what is it?
Leo is brilliant and gourgeous


Taylor has the face of a squished tomato.


Seriousy? Taytay is a one trick pony who could only dream of getting the same attention Leo did during the hey day of titanic.