Golden Globe Fashion Face-Off: Taylor Lautner vs. Leonardo DiCaprio

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Has the torch of handsomeness been passed?

In 1997, Leonardo DiCaprio was the king of the hotness world, fresh off Titantic and causing girls everywhere to scream in delight.

Over a decade later, Taylor Lautner seems to have taken the beauty baton and run with it, as the Twilight Saga star is responsible for countless cases of laryngitis across the world.

At last night's Golden Globe Awards, these two generations of gorgeous men crossed paths. Each walked the red carpet, as onlookers were forced to don ear plugs in anticipation of the yelps and cat calls coming Leo and Taylor's way.

Does DiCaprio still have what it takes to make you swoon? Or has Lautner surpassed his fellow hunk on the sexy scale? Compare their looks at the event below and you make the call!

  • Taylor on Red Carpet
  • Leo Pic

Who looks more handsome?


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omg my sister even broke up with her boyfriend after she saw titanic! That proves how HOT AND SEXY Leo is.


OMG r u serious? Of COURSE Leo is soooooooo much more cuter! DUH! hav u seen titanic and Romeo and Juliet? So frikn sexy!!!! And Taylor...well lets just say...well...EWWWWWWWWWWW!


Dear God ! Taylor of course ! ¬¬ The difference between they is that taylor is an actor who has recent experience, not have much time to career. But that's not mean that he's not talented ! He's so beautiful, perfect, talented and course, if people do this research here in Brazil, everyone would have voted in taylor ! Team Taylor forever !


no brasil o taylor fais mt suseso!!!!! serio gente!!!!!! o tay e lindo ne????????


taylor mil veses!!!!!!!!!! sem com para sao !!!!!!!!!!!!! o leo e bonitinho mais ele ta velho... a tay ta novo e mais gostozo!!!!!!!!!!! seria eu comcordo com a danii says!!!!!!!!! taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LINDO!!!!!!!!


Hello girls, I'm Brazilian, and the girls here prefer 1000 times the Tay *-* he is Perfeitoo is Sexy, is a great actor, and we love him very much! and we surely Taylor and much more Sexy than Leo, well let's say that the oil jáh of the season right now! More also never went mto fan of it, more Tay yes, it will only fan 7 years! and me and the Brazilian Taylor heads!
Kisses, and even more!
Taylor Daniel Lautner S2. Translated in Portuguese now: Olá meninas , eu sou brasileira , e as garotas aqui preferem 1.000 vezes o Tay *-* , ele é Perfeitoo , é Sexy , é um otimo ator , e nos amamos muito ele ! e para gente concerteza o Taylor e bem mais Sexy do que o Leo , bem vamos dizer que o leo jáh passou da epoca né ! Mais támbem nunca fui mto fãn dele , mais do Tay sim , Só fãn dele á 7 anos ! e pra mim e para as Brasileiras o Taylor comanda !!!
Beijos , e até mais !
Taylor Daniel Lautner S2 .


Taylor. Taylor, Taylor, Taylor. DiCaprio's time has past. Now, is the chance of Taylor. And hi is very beutiful, and so much better than Leo. It's this.
Taylor = Everything and more


Taylor= Ewwwwwwww


taylor is cute,dashing and cool... and much much much better than di caprio.... and by the time he is Leo's age... i'm sure u guys won't be able to count his achievements.... good luck taylor


Leo is obviously hotter
Taylor doesn't have beautiful blue eyes like Leo does.

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