Golden Globe Fashion Face-Off: Rachel Zoe vs. Drew Barrymore

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As style showdowns go, Rachel Zoe vs. Drew Barrymore is not exactly a heavyweight matchup. And not just because Rachel Zoe last ate a healthy dinner in 2002.

Seriously, there's nothing there. While Halle Berry and Mariah Carey flaunted their voluptuous figures, Zoe apparently wore some curtains from her guest room.

Last night's Golden Globe Awards brought out the best and worst in celebrity fashion, of course. Drew Barrymore's gown almost qualified as the former. Almost.

The weird porcupine-things on her shoulder and hip don't really do it for us. But what about you? Which of these two looked better, do you think? Vote below ...

Barrymore Pic

Who looked better at the Golden Globes?


Drew looks fabulous in that dress despite the porcupine balls of trim.
Sorry, but Zoe looks like she found a flapper's dress in her attic and draped it over her skeletal remains to go to this event. That awful black bag and shoes don't help. If she absolutely had to wear that awful get-up, a 21st century small, silver bag and shoes would have lifted the dour mood of the dress.


I love Rachel. I am addicted to her show. I have learned so much about fashion from her and her staff. I believe she has some self esteem issues and as a former model doesn't want to get overweight. Rodger is small too. She is brilliant at what she does and I would love for her to work on her branding of jewelry and clothing. I know her "control issues" as I have them myself. I am also in the public eye but not Hollywood as well as own several clothing boutiques. The public can be cruel as my family has seen me on the front page many times with published lies. staff is fab let them cover for you and you take a sabatical with your husband and let yourself recover from whatever it is that is literally eating you up. I for one will always love you and be your number one fan. But please don't let your talent (and amazing wardrobe and jewelry collection) go to waste. You need to keep all of us updated and in style.

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