Golden Globe Fashion Face-Off: Jennifer Aniston vs. Kate Hudson

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Golden Globes fashion, like the awards themselves, runs the gamut from the glamorous to the ridiculous. The style showdown below showcases a little of each.

On the right, we have Kate Hudson. The Nine star and alleged stage-five clinger looked statuesque and shapely in her gorgeous white dress last night. Yowza.

Minka Kelly Emmys Dress

On the left, we have Jennifer Aniston. She gets a yowza from us as well, but for a very different reason. Make that two reasons. Think Jen has some nice legs?

We can't wait until Wednesday, when Star reports that she picked out that dress just to play mind games with Angelina Jolie / show Brad Pitt what he's missing.

In the meantime, who do you think looked better? Vote below!

Who looked better at the Golden Globe Awards?


Seriously doubt Jen gives a rat's a$$ about Brad. For one thing, he treated her like sh!t, and for another, he stopped being All That a couple decades ago. There are waaaaaay better guys out there that aren't contributing to world overpopulation.


so you really think she put on her golden globes dress with her ex husband of like 5 years in mind....really molly i don't think so. She looks amazing and she does not sit around and pick out her cloths thinking of brad pitt! She is hott, rich, and sexy she has no problem finding men!


so what he's missing!? this skanky!? gross! whatever she's trying to do(trying to get attention for get him back?) its useless Jen! cos he knows he has found the best one for him, come on! accept the fact!


Jennifer looked great when she was on stage, the best of the night. Alyssa, Aren't you tired of posting your same crap on all the web sites this morning? Does your Mother know you are not in school?


Hudson looks classy, where Jen looks trashy. She's basically showing off her yoo hoo, gross! She may have nice legs but still has that butta face. Aniston just gets more desperate by the day, pathetic.


uh. double take. is jennifer flashing her vag in that poll picture? she has a banging bod and her dress is prettier than kate's but showing your whoo-hee at an awards show is seriously tacky.

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