First Listen: Taylor Swift's "Today was a Fairytale"

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Pretty much every actor and actress on the planet has a role in Valentine's Day, the romantic comedy being released next month.

But only one star appears in the film, makes out with Taylor Lautner and has a single on the movie's soundtrack: Taylor Swift.

Below, we're giving readers a chance to listen to this song, titled "Today was a Fairytale." It’s already number-one on the iTunes “Top Songs” chart and it starts with the following verse:

“Today was a fairytale/You were the prince/I used to be the damsel in distress/You took me by the hand and you picked me up at six/Today was a fairytale.”

Check it out below and then respond: Does Taylor have another hit on her hands?


i agree with u eli taylor is amazing and you guys are just jealous becuse she is astar and u are nobody!!!! ok so deal with it stupid haters and if u have avoice like than u can open your big mouths


OMG! people can be so mean and crul!!!! I think that Taylor is an awesome and beautiful singer/songwriter. She has worked very hard to get to where she is today!!!! You know if she wasn't a good singer and her lyrics were not good she wouldn't of won so many awards last year!!!! I KNOW THAT SHE WILL SUCCEED AND DO EVEN BETTER THIS YEAR!!! I feel that people out there in the real world are totally JEALOUS!!!!!!!! I LOVE TAYLOR'S MUSIC AND SONG LYRICS!!!! EVERYONE WHO BELIEVES IN HER DO NOT STOP BELIEVING IN HER. STAND YOUR GROUND!!!!


sorry, but I don't agree with the other comments so far. Taylor is a great singer/songwriter & has reached the younger generation with country music. There is plenty of room in the music business for artists of all ages and all types of music. If you don't like her music, listen to someone else & let those of us who love her & her music listen to her & appreciate her & applaud her for her achievements. One of the most endearing things about Taylor is her sweetness & kindness. Maybe some of you need to learn a little of that & not attack a sweet girl like Taylor.
I love her new song & look forward to the movie & her next album too.


I can't agree with you more Fred.. She ain't country AT ALL!!!! It pisses me off when she keeps saying she sings country and people keep saying that she's a country singer! She don't know the MEANING of being a country singer!!! maggie, you're sooo right! All her songs are so childish and always talks about puppy love and fantasy fairytales.. The 1st few songs are okay.. but after that, it's just disgusting!!


Bitch can't sing.Bitch writes lyrics that sound like the masturbation fantasies of a slightly retarded 13 year old.Bitch looks like an anorexic mutant squirrel. But.most of all,bitch ain't Country in any way,shape or form.


I am getting sick of Swift's fairytale/princess/prince/knight/damsel song! Can't she sing/write a good country song about something other than childish songs?! And she CALLS herself a COUNTRY singer!! HAH! What a joke! Please, you're 20, act like one!


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