First Listen: Taylor Swift's "Today was a Fairytale"

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Pretty much every actor and actress on the planet has a role in Valentine's Day, the romantic comedy being released next month.


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    Hi!! Taylor my name is Rebeca i what to see you and my friend they say they like you becouse you are prettey and good voices in my fautor you came hre in philippine!!!ah you prames you came her and they say you are so prettey.Okey Good Bye see you soon... thank you ah...^_^


    Hi taylor i what to see you becouse i like you and idol kita i like your vices. Becouse you are prettey Good bye see you :)


    I love Taylor! I think she is one of the best singers there could be... I love all her music!!! i wish her a lot of luck and hope that she still rocks on forever!!!


    taylor swift is 1 of my favorite singers/songwriters. She is so gorgeous inside and out and has achieved so much. Taylor has an amazing voice and writes amazing songs so i dont no wat u r all going on about! who cares if all her songs r about princes and princesses? i luv all her songs so jst stop criticizing her. GO TAYLOR!


    im so piss off that she got the album of the year i wanted beyonce to win


    sounds like some of the early bloggers are just jealous. Don't you wish it were you that has become so successful in such a short time?? Country music has many sounds today. she sounds just as country as Carrie Underwood and I am a big fan of Carrie. Get over it people!!
    Taylor is a huge success and has made it big in relatively little time. I say good for her. I wish my daughter could have done that.


    im so tired of the boy and girl can't get along and she can't fine the right knight she needs to get over that she needs to make a new song without price and pricesses song


    @ Lynn: "I admire her creativity over country/pop/rock/etc musicians today... most of them write about the same things."

    Uhh.. have you heard her songs??? They're all about break-ups, princes and knights, underdog girl getting the guy.. princesses and damsels...

    What I'm saying here is she needs new materials, new MATURE materials, she ain't getting any younger.. She can't be writing/singing about teen-ish stuff any longer... She's a good songwriter, but that's it for me.. she can't sing live for nuts.. her voice is studio-tuned..

    If you don't believe me, go listen to a studio version of ANY of her songs and then compare them to her live versions... And don't even give the excuse that she's dancing/performing her song, that's why she sounds kinda bad. It's a FACT that she can't sing live...


    I generally like Taylor and her songs.. but I do have to say that she isn't the best live vocalist and I have to agree that she isn't country.. She's established herself as more of pop than country. She's a great songwriter, but definitely not a great vocalist...


    I really dont see a reason why anyone should hate on Taylor. Some people pbviously have a crap judgement of character- taylor has done so well and is so well known because of TALENT and her ability to write MEANINGFUL and RELATEABLE songs which focus on sending a POSITIVE MESSAGE. I would listen to love story a million times rather than listen to someting like party in the usa from a kid who's barely 17 and tries to act like she's 25. What's wrong with wanting to enjoy your age and not grow up too quickly?!? I WISH MORE PEOPLE WERE LIKE HER!
    Personally Fred, I think you're pretty ignorant when all you can say about a person is through disgusting and meaningless language based on no knowledge of her background or how she got to where she is. I think you need to get over yourself and stop hating on people who have actually made something of their lives and try to make something of yours- go to school, learn some grammar and widen your vocabulary mate.

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