First Listen: Heidi Montag's "I'll Do It"

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The Hills star and aspiring singer Heidi Montag has kicked off the release of her long-awaited debut album, Superficial, with a new single entitled "I'll Do It."

You don't even wanna know what it is. The opening lines:

"Pick me, take me, off up into ya dungin. I brought some treats. I know that you gon love em. Come eat my panties off of me. Do whatever comes naturally."

Try to hurl away from the computer.

If you're sure you're up for it, listen below and tell us how you feel about Heidi Montag's latest musical creation, "I'll Do It," by voting in the survey below ...

What do you think of Heidi's Montag new single?


this is a messs. she needs to just sit down somewhere.. she's just looking for attention


I agree, this sounds just like all the other dumb butt songs that have been coming out, that disco stupidity. Her voice is altered so much you can't even tell it's her. But again, that's what they all are doing these days. Whatever.


That song will probably do really well, its on par with any of the others that are getting radio play. If she's put everything into it I wish her well as I would anyone who has their heart and soul into making their dream come true. Makes no sense to be so hateful - hate the politicians for all their corruption, hate the killing of all the innocents in the world, hate the greed, hate the destruction of the forests, waters and animals, hate that man can be so brutal and destructive...


I'm sure that being a total slut was exactly what God's plan was for her. Amen.


Sounds like a Billboard #1


Heidi, are you a Christian or a slut? Are you a glutten for fame? You are not famous so get over yourself. Your 2 minutes are over and you are probably the most ridiculed woman on earth (next to octomom), is this what you want? Is it making you rich? woopie you have money, after you buy all those ridiculous handbags and shoes to be seen with, then what? You sold your soul, have a happy
afterlife. Jesus doesn't know you/


why is this woman not on a desert island somewhere where we can't see/hear her?


lol wow those lyrics are something. i can only picture spencer aghhhh


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