Fergie: What's Her Best Look?

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When it comes to pop star Fergie, there are many questions:

Did husband Josh Duhamel cheat on her with a stripper?

Would you sleep with her?

What, exactly, makes one Fergalicious?

But we're gonna keep it simple for now. The singer has appeared in public recently sporting two contrasting hairstyles. Study each look and then cast your all-important vote below...

Picture of Fergie
Ferg a licious

Which hairstyle looks best on Fergie?


She looks 40 in the AVON books. Who picks these women to model?


she ruined her face


less surgery!!!!


I agree, she looked amazing with the dirty blond/brown!!


Not to be mean but neither look good, she has such a strange looking face to me. I think the hair color is too dark for her and kind of drab looking.

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Fergie Biography

Fergie Ferg
Fergie is now just a singular Black Eyed Pea, having branched out into a rather successful solo career. She sings fun tunes and is a fun... More »
Hacienda Heights, California
Full Name
Stacy Ann Ferguson