Fashion Face-Off: Heidi Klum vs. Jennifer Lopez

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One is a gorgeous A-list celebrity.

The other used to be.

One has a large family with a steady, supportive husband.

The other is working on that.

One looks incredible in the Louis Vutton below.

The other... is working on that.

Indeed, Heidi Klum and Jennifer Lopez wore the same dress out for different public events recently. Compare the looks of the supermodel and the upcoming How I Met Your Mother guest star below...

Heidi Klum vs. J. Lo

Who looks best in this dress?

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Jlo look gorgeous on that outfit, i think she´s the best.!!!! love ya Jlo!!!


Jennifer made it classy with those gorgeous shoes and the handbag. Heidi looks like she's going for a Teenage Gypsy look.

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