Elin Woods Skis in Europe; Tiger Still MIA

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Tiger Woods' wife may or may not be divorcing his cheating a$$, but she's definitely clearing her head - by going skiing thousands of miles away.

At least we think that the heartbroken Elin Nordegren is that far away from Tiger in the French Alps. No one has seen the guy in a month-plus.

According to the Sun (UK), Elin is seeking refuge in a posh, £5,000-a-night chalet as Tiger continues to live in seclusion at home in the U.S.

As she wrestles with her future, Elin Woods is holed up with her twin sister Josefin and five trusted pals, plus a hired French security detail.

Pals say Elin makes a point of being up at 6:30 a.m. every day and insists on being independent, as per "her traditional family lifestyle."

She has not been seen with Tiger Woods since the car crash outside their Florida mansion which exposed his loooong string of mistresses.

SKI BUNNY: Elin Woods is in the French Alps. Tiger? Who knows.

A family friend told The Sun: "Elin wanted to take her family and close friends away from the minefield Tiger has created by his behavior."

"She has been absolutely torn to pieces by what he has done to her. But she still sees a future with Tiger because of their beautiful children."

Will they reconcile? It's unclear. But "she told him she needed a lengthy time apart to reflect on how they might possibly salvage the marriage."

Tiger's whereabouts since the infamous crash have become a frequently-discussed topic in recent weeks, with little conclusive evidence to go on.

It has been claimed Tiger was seen with Rachel Uchitel - the first woman linked to him - at a party and in a club, but she vehemently denied this.

There were also rumors circulating that he had plastic surgery in Phoenix after Elin smashed his face with a golf club, but that too was debunked.


Elin, a Sweidish woman must have had her share of partners before she found a billionaire to get involved with. Sure she knew what a negerboll(A Swedish compliment to all black or mixed race men) is apt to when it comes to sex and she would not love or cherish him if not for his money - yes there are lots of intelligent educated young blacks driving taxis or working as gardeners because their competence is not accepted in Sweden as competent enough. Which white bitch would marry a black bastard if he did not have a billion bucks! Don't feel sorry for either. But Tiger is stupid to get hold of a Swedish bitch when he could have chosen a Philippines or any other white woman if it was he was after, the white skin. Sorry Tiger, use your brains.


I think that nobody knows the situation between tiger and elin and people shouldn't comment on how he's no "family man". How would you know? Does anyone know anything about them? No. So maybe you shouldn't talk about them like you do.


I think woods is addicted 2 sex but i see no reason why he can't have it a million timez wiv Elin.


A tiger never changes his stripes. Elin would have to be an idiot to stay married to that skeeze-magnet, or to believe he'll ever be "family man" material. Ain't gonna happen in somebody so far gone. Take the kids and run, Elin! With luck you'll meet someone who'll set a better example for them.


Omg thts amazing!!!! I guess she deserves a break from tht cheaterass!!


tiger woods your the dirties so far, wow so u perfer bitches then your wife now thats a new low. how can u do that hello!!! ur famous, people were going to find out sooner or later instead of having bitches on your side u could spend time with your child and make good memories what an idiot now your going to be known as a slut and alot of people wont be a fan of yours and youll loose alot of money even if ur already wealthy well good luck to u
cause i think u need some!!!


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