Racist Dude Whose Ass Ronnie Magro Kicked on Jersey Shore Angling For Rematch

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Stephen Izzo says he got a raw deal. And by raw deal, we mean he got hit in the back of the head. After heckling the most juiced up of all the guidos.

That's right, the guy who Ronnie knocked the f*%k out on Jersey Shore last Thursday claims he got sucker punched. Sure you did, Steve. Good story.

Ronnie From Jersey Shore

Sucker-punched or not, you shouldn't go heckling the Jersey Shore cast. It will end in a fight. Ronnie Magro's boardwalk blowup landed him in jail - but he won!

Not that Izzo is focused on that. He's moving on with his life after this most unfortunate incident ... kidding, he's milking it and gunning for a rematch!

Izzo says he was trying to fight MTV security after they broke up his group's expletive-filled tussle with the guidos, when a guy came out of nowhere.

That's when Ron-Ron delivered a haymaker to the back of his head, Izzo says, leaving him lying on the pavement and getting Ronnie Magro arrested.

Anyway, Izzo says he's itching for Round Two.

He says he's gonna show up for Ronnie's court appearance in a few weeks. We'll see if he puts his money where his mouth is. If so, he'll likely eat pavement again.

Just to clarify, this is not to be confused with the fight Ronnie got in during the previous episode. His scuffle with these morons landed them in the clink as well.

Oh, and one final note on the classy Stephen Izzo. This loser took to the Internet after the episode aired last week and typed the following disgusting tirade:

"lets get something straight what u didnt see is i never fought ronnie i was fighting...those N**GER bouncers when that bitch ran over and snuck me."

"then got stomped out by those 3 n**gers as he ran away."

Wow. We couldn't be happier Ronnie whomped this jackass.


yo your cuzin is a punk the only thing he good at is talking shit 4real if you think im just hiding just 2 write this then come 2 the 305(miami) i take both of ya on we dont take racist comment down here n im not black n that got me piss off so wat up chica n real man dont talk thing though internet real man act so que bola(spanish it mean wat up)


First off, ronnie wouldn't have a chance with stephen izzo if they both fought sober and ronnie would get knocked out right away. my cuz izzo would destroy him. And for everyone says that what happened that night wasnt true then they are stupid and don't know what there talking about.


ronnie would get his azz beat down if he step out to vegas we dont play that here


ronie we need you to do that again to him so he can stop bothering me ima through him a rock and call u so you can whope him and stops bothering people and im only 11 and he spies on my


I totally agree with Randy! And being a guy who loves to go out and party and who always sticks up for my friends/family I can understand where Ronnie was coming from when he snapped and kicked there ass..Him and his friends were being yelled at and threatened and he did what he needed to. Lol and for those of you making cracks about Ronnie being short and not tough I bet your 100lbs over weight and scared of your own shadow!!


You guys think this is exclusive to MTV and the show??? HA!! Welcome to Sleazside!


Butternuts do you really know who Katie is. like really bro ur gonna correct someone, yet you know nothing about that person. really! ur real mature! Get a life asshole! Talking about maturity and shit, look at ur screen name "butternuts" come on bro. For real fall off others when u know shit about them bro.


everyone has an opininion.. but the facts stand that all of you guys (and girls) watch that show well enough to know what the hell is going on.... bottom line is , that show has u hooked , and dont lie to yourself ,cuz if it didnt u wouldnt have had it in u to make a comment on this page.. enough said... props to ronnie. anykind of publicity is good when your an average joe one day and have fame the next....


And for the record no shit he wasn't hookin up with a bunch of girls, he's in something called a relationship, and from what we can see, he's loyal as hell. Honestly I think he can do a lot better.


Please, stop trash talkin Ronnie as if you know him based on a 6 week show, you don't know how much was staged, you don't know anything about Ronnie, you never met him, all you can do is go by what his fellow cast members have said: down to earth and loving - and you know he could knock your ass out in a second. His height has nothing to do with it, I honestly can't believe people are this dumb to trash talk and try to start shit with Ronnie, and none of you have the balls to tell that to his face, as you hide behind the safety of your computer in your easy chair.

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