Doc: Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery a "Career Move"

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Heidi Montag doesn't do a thing without "career" implications in mind, and her 10 plastic surgeries in one day are no exception, says the doctor who did them.

The reality star's transformation has shocked the world (or at least celebrity gossip sites), but her surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan calls it a “well thought out career move.”

Fake Boobs on Display

Ryan says the Heidi Montag plastic surgery bonanza came about because Mrs. Spencer Pratt felt self-conscious about her out-sticking ears and protruding chin.

She was also motivated by the desire to look her best to excel in show business, an industry that, too often, focuses too much attention on style vs. substance.

"I couldn’t have done that," Ryan said. "Sitting down there with the wisdom of someone older and thinking: 'What is it I really need to do to propel my career?'"


"Is it right or wrong to use plastic surgery to propel your career? I don’t know. But since Marilyn Monroe and back, its been happening, so that was her decision."

Ryan also Radar Online that Montag’s husband, the incomparable Spencer Pratt, was Heidi's rock when it came to supporting his wife in her bold decision.

"I think Heidi was 100 percent essentially, and Spencer was plus minus about it," Ryan said. "But he wanted to support her because he really loves her."

The doctor said he believes The Hills starlet's decision making was sound.

"Liposuction and breast surgery go on in great numbers," he said. "Heidi is 23 [and] has been voting for five years. She is an adult, she made an informed decision, she made a good call as an adult ... dads are really anti-breast implants."

"The reaction is either that they want to support their daughter or son getting plastic surgery, or saying, 'Honey, you are perfect just the way you are.'"

Was she more perfect before or after? Tell us! Heidi looked better ...


Damn. Wish there was some way she could reverse this.


The surgeon should be sued for malpractice along with the Octomom's doctor. Do no harm, hardly.


Plastic (Un)Fantastic! Bet she can't go into a sauna! OOH, I'm meelllllltiiiingggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


firstly shes a psychopath and needs internal healing.pliiiz she needs to visit Dr 90210 to rebuild her before she scares herself away..


heidi is nothing like her sister holly..heidi is both ugly on the inside and out bet she regrets it!lack of self confidence and respect was what lead her down this path..pathetic!


This is so disturbing. Why would a young woman who looked perfectly fine before, mutilate herself like this? So sad......And her new CD sold less than 1000 copies the first week, so what was this all for? Her "career"? This would be funny if it wasn't so SAD!


As someone who has had a few proceedures to REFINE features, I am not a stranger to cosmetic surgery. That being said, Heidi, at such a young age, has managed to take her fresh faced beauty and transform herself into what looks like a well preserved 50 year old stroke victim. She looks blank, emotionless and nothing resembling her former self. Just wait until she's 50 with those DDD's - she will look like Aunt Bea!


She is so sad or delusional. If she spent $2 million to produce her own gone. And The Hills, thanks to Spencer running off LC, the show is on life support. So then what, maybe one more Playboy pictorial, so Christian.
How does Crested Butte CO. sound now Spencer? The cost of living is so much cheaper. One minute and counting for sure on their fifteen minutes. I hope they saved for their upcoming rainy, rainy days!


this is waaaaay sad, she looks awful now, and you cant go back to how you looked!i wonder if shell regret it?


Of course the doctor is going to say it was a good move, he obviously makes great money off it and can't have too many moral issues about it if he doesn't mind operating an a young person like that. Secondly, just how insecure is this girl? Is this the right message? If you don't like yourself just go under the knife and change it. Don't bother accepting a little this or that(I mean she wasn't ugly prior to the first surgery)about yourself and deal with it and be proud of yourself and forget about what others think etc. Look at what she's had done to her entire body at just 23 years of age, that is messed up big time. Her husband should have fought against it and gotten her help. Not encourage it.

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