David Letterman Won't Let Up on Jay Leno

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David Letterman has a message for television viewers around the world:

Do NOT blame Conan O'Brien for the late-night mess at NBC!

As The Late Show host says, following Jay Leno's explanation on Monday night, it's tempting to point a finger at O'Brien for pulling himself off the air and creating this controversy, but remember: Conan is a good family man. Give the guy a break, will ya?!?

We really don't do bitter, hilarious sarcasm as well as Letterman. Watch him continue his assault on Jay Leno and NBC below.


Letterman rules - Faults aside. Leno hasn't had an original thought or joke for two decades.


Letterman rules.


HA HA HA!! Letterman, the ultimate hypocrite on "family life". Next week he'll be running for office as a Republican, on a "family values" platform while looking to shag another intern.