Cover Wars: Kendra and Kourtney Talk, Exploit Babies with Dueling Tabloids

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When most people become parents for the first time, they're overwhelmed by the sounds of a baby crying.

For Kendra Wilkinson and Kourtney Kardashian, however, the only sound they hear when they look at little Mason and Hank is: Cha-ching!

Within days of giving birth, each of these publicity hounds graced the covers of various supermarket tabloids and website home pages.

Now, a few weeks after squaring off in a THG Tale of the Tape, Kendra and Kourtney continue to exploit their children in dueling magazine features.

Among the (utterly mundane) "exclusives" these issues offer readers this week?

  • Scott Disick (gasp!) changes diapers.
  • Hank Baskett loves his wife's backside.
  • Both Kourtney and Kendra are dropping their baby weight (thank goodness!).
  • Mason changed Kourtney's life (by putting a lot more money in her pocket).

Approximately four million women give birth each year in the United States. If any of the 3,999,998 feel like explaining to Kardashian and Wilkinson what motherhood is truly about, we encourage you to do so now.


Brad and Angelina started a bidding war between tabloids for their first baby photos, in order to drive up the price and then they donated that $15 million to charity.
When Kourtney Kardashian does that, I'll gladly yell at THG, too. Until then, it's hilarious you think she talks to magazine because she's "proud" of the child reality show producers told her to have in order to boost ratings.


You stupid writers for this blog are can sit there and slam these new, young mothers, all the while asking us what motherhood is about??? How utterly dumb!?!?! What have they done that is so bad? They had babies and are proud of them? They are successfully making money for their families? What is it? You don't slam Angelina & Brad for doing the same thing, with their babies?? Stop being jealous hypocrites....

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