Courtenay Semel Publicizes Existence of a Casey Johnson Sex Tape

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This is the most beautiful piece of art work we have ever seen in our lives...

Is Courtenay Semel describing her and ex-girlfriend Casey Johnson's reactions to the Mona Lisa? The Sistine Chapel? Da Vinci's The Last Supper? Not exactly.

In a new interview with E! News, Semel is instead referring to the sex tape made between these two socialites. They created it, she says, in order to profit from the amateur porn and break free from their rich parents.

"We had our own sex tape," Courtenay said. "It was either listen to our families and do what they say to get our lives back, or do it ourselves and sell this tape, work on our show. That was kind of our plan."

Before this plan could be executed, Semel and Johnson broke up in late 2008 and then - like their loins in the aforementioned video - the former set the latter's hair on fire.

Casey Johnson Photo
Another Sex Tape Star

Courtenay said the idea was to sell the tape and then make even more money off a reality series. Now, however, the video is (somehow) in the Johnson family's possession.

"Our show could've gone after that," she said. "Casey and Courtenay were going to make Casey and Courtenay happen."

Unlike Tila Tequila, who seems more interested in profiting from Johnson's death than mourning her ex, Semel actually has seemed broken up over Casey's passing.

But now we're left to wonder which is worse: Tweeting obessively about your former flame, or waiting until she's dead to tell the world about a sex tape you made with her? Debate that question and watch Semel's E! interview below.


Who in the world thinks a sex tape is upward mobility. They act like trailer trash instead of wealthy, educated women. I am praying for the survivor because she could be next at the rate she is going. As for Tila, oh please.


May question would be, who the hell would want to see those two naked and doing the nasty, just thinking about it makes me sick


She makes Tila look good. This is pathetic and an embarrassment.


Now this girl really is the pits. She was not friends with Casey when she died, she set her hair on fire and had her in trouble with the police. Then this true love admission. Sickening. She makes tila look good....


This isn't news! Everyone in Hollywood has a sex tape, I even heard that Susan Boyle is coming out with one! I can't wait!

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