Courtenay Semel Calls Out Tila Tequila for Attention-Craving Tweets

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While Casey Johnson's death has caused heartbreak for her friends and loved ones, it's also caused an ex-lover's tiff between two of the socialite's former girlfriends.

Since Johnson passed away last week, Tila Tequila has sent out over 75 Twitter messages. They've grown uglier over time, as Casey's fiancee has found herself under fire from many of Johnson's friends and family members.

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Yesterday, for example, Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips came over to take Casey's dogs away from Tila. She called the police on them and has since Tweeted allegations that the two friends have put the canines to sleep.

"I guarantee that those poor little doggie has been put to sleep as I type this.... If any1 is an animal lover like me, putting a dog to sleep before it's time is just wrong & that's what they did."

Hilton and Phillips both deny they have any intention of taking this action against the animals.

Courtenay Semel and Tila Tequila were once happy and in love. But that was a long time ago.

Meanwhile, Tila has also typed out against those that claim she took advantage of Johnson, essentially making up their engagement for the sake of publicity.

"Casey Picked ME Over Her Family & Thats Why They R All Badmouthing Me in Press Cuz She Loved Me More," Tequila wrote. "I Can't Bring Her Back Now But At Least I know the Love Between us WAS REAL & They CAN NEVER TAKE THAT AWAY!"

Courtenay Semel isn't trying to take anything away.

But the ex-lover of both Johnson and Tequila is sick of the manner in which Tila is exploiting this tragedy. She told People magazine:

"The thing I find the most sickening is that the media is giving [her] the one thing she craves: attention. Tila, you knew her for a week."

Just a couple weeks before Johnson died, Tila went off on Courtenay, referring to her as a vile and evil person. Upon the death of their mutual acquiantance, it doesn't seem like this feud will be resting in peace any time soon.


i'm so sick of these rich bitches moaning and groaning. i only wish i had an 1/8 of what they grew up with and have. i'll keep dreaming. ALL THESE BITHCES ARE NOTHING MORE THAN LOW LIFE TRASH. they are trash from the get go. all they want is attention.


This seems to be a pattern with Miss Tila,wasn't she just caught for trying to frame one of the sport guys for battery.This biatch is nasty someone needs to quit giving her airtime.I watched her reality show and all i can say is get a shot before touching this ho.


Someone PLEASE do the world a favor: put Tila in a straitjacket, stick her in a helicopter, and drop her into the ocean a few miles offshore. Or something not quite so mean but equally effective in shutting the stupid biatch up.


OOPS. Meant to say OF all the good people, sorry----LOL.


Off all the really good people in this world that no one knows about it's really an absolute shame that this woman/person is given any airtime what so ever. She is practically the epitome of not how to end up as an adult yet she's famous. Amazing.


Wrong, Tila! they set the dogs up in a sweet little doggie mansion...they're putting YOU to sleep. Just shut up and go take that "time away" and "privacy" you're so craving - as you tweet every 5 minutes.

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