Courtenay Semel Bids Goodbye to Casey Johnson, Swears Off Dating

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Note to Tila Tequila:

This is how you mourn a loved one... sort of.

While that troubled reality star continues to Tweet, pimp out her record level and exploit the death of Casey Johnson in every conceivable way, Courtenay Semel has released an emotional video tribute to her ex-girlfriend.

Granted, the video aired on E! News and there's a good chance Semel was paid to make it. She also butchers the English language by saying Johnson was "literally" her other half, and makes a vow to never date anyone again that is unlikely to be kept.

But at least this is the only time Courtenay has spoken out about Casey. Do the words seem strong for someone whose hair Semel once set on fire? Yes. But, hey, who are we to judge?!?

Watch the tribute below.


She is just as bad as Tequila if not more horrible because of the mere fact she thinks she is above Tequila in what she is doing. This is hard to watch, just as Tequila is hard to watch. Both, cringe worthy. She said nothing but horrible things about Casey publicly and played a major role in having Casey arrested on bogus charges. People such as this disgust me, at least with Tila you know what your dealing with, someone like Courtenay is a snake, who hides behind her wealth as a reason for her respectability. She is trash.

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Brittny Gastineau and Courtenay Semel
Courtenay Semel is known for being rich. She's the daughter of former Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel and appeared on the E! network's reality... More »
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Courtenay Jane Semel