Conan O'Brien: Likely Leaving NBC

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According to source, Conan O'Brien has a message for NBC:


Appropriately, yet unfortunately, the red-headed comedian feels like the red-headed stepchild of late-night television after his network gave him The Tonight Show; thwarted any chances for success by sticking The Jay Leno Show at 10 p.m.; and then ended that experiment after five months and returned Leno to the 11:35 p.m. time slot.

No one has been jerked around this much since the last 12 guys that dated Lindsay Lohan.


As Conan weighs his options, reports say he's likely to leave for Fox. Said an insider:

"This level of shitiness was not expected. He's done a great job for NBC. He moved his entire staff, he moved his family to LA. And five months later, they repay him like this?"

Did O'Brien really expect something different from NBC? This is the same network that canceled all its original 10 p.m. programming and is actually considering yet another season of Heroes.

It has as much of a chance of finding success as The Situation has of winning an Academy Award.

Below, O'Brien hilariously recounts the rumors that have been floating around regarding he and Leno. This, folks, is why Jay doesn't hold a humorous candle to Conan...


I'm currently watching both shows. O'Brien is hilarious, obviously has a great writing staff, and I find Leno mildly amusing. If they loose O'Brien I'll go back to watching Letterman. Seems a shame - going from watching two NBC shows to watching none.


Be cool my babiesss; Conan will have a show in the end. He's got such a loyal following that FOX or another network would have to be crazy not to sign him. I never really had anything against Leno, but he really needs to know when to call it quits. Being the host of "The Tonight Show" requires a certain degree of class and elegance, and leaving while your still on top is about as classy as it gets. Unfortunately, this series of moves by Leno is only going to tarnish his image, and I can guarantee you it'll be the one thing everyone remembers him by.
However, the real problem is the fidgety nature of today's networks and the morons who run them. Who's the brain-trust who thought people would want to watch some lame ass variety talk show FIVE days a week (DURING PRIME TIME!)? Who ever he/she is, they're most likely sleeping under and overpass, dead, or even worse... taking Hasselhoff's spot on America's got talent. Yikes!


Letterman is absolute Garbage, hes worse than fallon and thats saying something.


Leno is low-class if he takes Conan's spot.


This isn't a messed up thing for NBC to do. Conan forced their hand years ago by threatening to leave if they didn't promise him "The Tonight Show" in a certain time frame. So they pushed Leno out when he was on top. Conan shouldn't have gotten "The Tonight Show" in the first place, and his ratings prove that. NBC is just undoing the boneheaded move they made starting a few years ago, and returning things to the way they should have been all along. Now if they'd only bring back "My Name Is Earl"...


Nooooooo please Conan, don't leave NBC! It's the only way I can watch your show! I only get CNBC here in France, and I've been watching Late Night on that channel for 10 years, and now the Tonight Show! NBC, if you do this, you will lose the greatest host you ever had. WHY would you jerk around so much? Just cut the man some slack! I'm telling you, NBC is on a slippery slope, Conan is one of the only true assets they have left, and they're about to lose that as well? What the hell?


Conan IS funny. They just have a different audience. And what we see in the current Tonight show is a watered-down Conan because of that. he was funnier when he was still doing the Late Show because he could do riskier sketches and segments.


If Conan was funny, he wouldn't be eating Letterman's dust.


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