Chinese Woman Plans to Win Back Boyfriend, Resemble Jessica Alba

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Suddenly, Tila Tequila doesn't seem so crazy...

A Chinese woman that wants to win back her ex-boyfriend is making plans to resemble his ideal woman, Jessica Alba.

According to Fox News, a 21-year-old named Xiaoqing, told The Shanghai Daily that she has met with doctors at a plastic surgery clinic and has "made my decision" to undergo a variety of procedures. The goal of them? To emulate Alba in every physical way possible.

"I'm not only doing it for my ex-boyfriend, but for myself," she said. "I am a psychologically weak person. I want to do something to challenge myself and build a strong personality through it."

J. Alba

The woman will reportedly need eyebrow lifting, eyelid reshaping and nose reconstruction to look like the beauty pictured above.

Xiaoqing told the newspaper that her former flame decorates the walls of his bedroom with Jessica Alba pictures and demanded she do her make-up like the actress, even when she slept. He also gave her a wig for Christmas and demanded it she wore it at all times.

"I love him very much.... that's why I always followed his opinions. I don't want to lose him," Xiaoqing said.

Why would you? The guy sounds like a winner.


Hello Jessica Alba my. You so women Jessica Alba my. I wholeness great,and you who favorite mine Jessica Alba I love tris Jessica Alba my. You who so agreement women,


I used to admire Jessic Alba for been of hispanic origin, but when she allowed herself to disregard her heritage and started pretending to be all white,especially with her blond hair,I no longer watch her movies, or read magazines having her in it.I am so disgusted with her.


Seeing that this winner is her EX, she is trying to use this stupidness to make him fall all over her in regret. Hunny, its not gonna work.


I guess it's no longer possible to photograph a celebrity without having the usual idiotic step-and-repeat banner in the back ground. Like we're not being buried with enough ads?


her boyfriend is a monster!
i feel sorry for her, shes fucked up mentally, emotionally etc..
poor girl didn't even hav a chance..


Idiot. She needs to grow up, smarten up, dope-slap the old boyfriend just for good measure, and get on with her life. Only the most unethical plastic surgeon on Earth would work on somebody who's so emotionally messed up.


Wow....this is just so sad. If he told her to jump off the bridge would she?

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