Casey James on American Idol: Denver Dark Horse

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With an original song, and a controversial background, Todrick Hall was featured on last night's Dallas-based audition episode of American Idol.

But there was another contestant in the city that impressed the judges enough to garner a ticket to Hollywood, despite not appearing on the actual episode:*

True Idols

Casey James is a Fort Worth resident and the lead singer and guitarist of The Casey James band. It features his brother Billy and a friend named Jacy McCann.

Sources state that James has advanced to this season's top 24, which will be announced on February 17. There's good reason to believe that rumor: all YouTube performances by the singer have been removed, a common step taken by American Idol producers for a contestant that advances in Hollywood.

For now, all we can offer is the following photo of Casey, as well as the news that he'll likely be features on this Wednesday's "Best of the Rest" audition installment.

* UPDATE: James does hail from Texas, but was actually shown on the Denver audition episode, which aired on February 2.


all swedish gril are in love with Casey!!! and we are with you all the way!!!!!!!! love from sweden


casey james, i do love u. so cute, humble and COOL and the most important thing , he has a great voice and sing from his heart. kara is right!!! . u are the only reason i got back early from my work. go casey. i hope u can win the AI and i believe u can make million record


OMG . . why does casey affected me this much . . nobody has ever done this to my life . . Good luck BABY . . i will see u up to the end of season 9 wherein u will be declared the American Idol of 2010 . . LUV YA !!!!!!!


Too bad that I couldn't vote from Indonesia.
Casey will be the new Idol this season. I don't care how he looks, he does have extremely beautiful voice!
I am sending my love from Indonesia to you and your family, Casey


hope to see him up to the last episode of AI...


I thought I wasn't going to watch at all this season, but I gave it a chance. I think this guy will win and I know that is a bold statement after just one performance, but he was the only one that even got a spark (or tingle) for me.


Aaaahhhh... Loved him from the very first time, and with his shirt on. What I would give to be near him and seduce him. Genuinely good singer and so charming, it hurts!!


Eye candy for sure, and VERY TALENTED. He should go all the way....


I am a physician at several nursing homes in Mineral Wells and Weatherford. This young man has donated his time and talents at nursing homes to people who are basically forgotten by the general public. He is a real musician and a real person at heart... not a phony Hollywood type. His Mom is a great musician as well.


In Brazil , luckly, we can watch this program and many people believe Casey can make it to the end. Good Luck, Casey. Daisy Dal Molin, Brazil.

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