Casey James on American Idol: Denver Dark Horse

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With an original song, and a controversial background, Todrick Hall was featured on last night's Dallas-based audition episode of American Idol.

But there was another contestant in the city that impressed the judges enough to garner a ticket to Hollywood, despite not appearing on the actual episode:*

True Idols

Casey James is a Fort Worth resident and the lead singer and guitarist of The Casey James band. It features his brother Billy and a friend named Jacy McCann.

Sources state that James has advanced to this season's top 24, which will be announced on February 17. There's good reason to believe that rumor: all YouTube performances by the singer have been removed, a common step taken by American Idol producers for a contestant that advances in Hollywood.

For now, all we can offer is the following photo of Casey, as well as the news that he'll likely be features on this Wednesday's "Best of the Rest" audition installment.

* UPDATE: James does hail from Texas, but was actually shown on the Denver audition episode, which aired on February 2.


Can't get enough of Casey! Kara got one thing right,he sure is eye candy!!!!and talent to boot!


I live in Israel and I'm a big fan of Casey. He's handsome and a nice person and of course a good singer. I am so sorry he won't be at the finale of American Idol! I still love him.... :)


He is gonna be the next American Idol


A new American Idol is born. Casey James has extremely great voice! he sings better than most of the best singers I have heard! Plus.. He is tall and a good looking guy too. I think he has all the credits and deserves to be the new American Idol. Go Casey.. Sure you will be the next AI. We love you in Asia too!!


casey has a voice i truly enjoy listening to. he ROCKS. have already bought every song they have of his on I-tunes. looking forward to a full cd! YOU ROCK, CASEY!!!


Please anybody who has access to casey or his family . . pls tell them that casey should always let his hair hang loose, he's so awesome w/ his hair down . . . and pls pick nice and remarkable songs too . . why not try on HERE W/O U by the 3doors down . .
good luck casey baby. . . .


Casey has enormous talent. He and his Casey James Band actually performed on the back patio of my lake home about 8 years ... we had about 50 people there, and we were all spellbound at his incredible talent. I can't wait for him to perform "Pride & Joy" by Stevie Ray Vaughn ... he will bring the house down. His brother (Billy) and mom (Debra) are also incredibly talented musicians! GO CASEY!!!!!!!!!!


I will be rockin his music in my home, car and ipod. Casey has the fresh sound that a lot of us have been long awaiting. All the best to you baby!


Hmmm,,I wonder if he is related to Frank and Jessie, lol


@NAZ..... can you tell us more about him..... he's freaking hot and i can see he has a good heart the way he talks and he has kind eyes. I LOVE HIM more and more, i wish he grants me a baby hahaha

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