Caressa Cameron Crowned Miss America 2010

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First, Virgina. Now, the entire country!

Caressa Cameron was crowned Miss American 2010 last night, beating out a field of 52 other contestants and pocketing $50,000 for the honor.

In June, Cameron earned the Miss Virginia title on her fourth attempt. At the time, the 22-year-old communications major said her platform would focus on AIDS education.

"I lost an uncle to AIDS, and my family also helped care for a foster child with juvenile AIDS," Caressa said. "I really think our school systems do a wonderful job educating students about AIDS. But young people have developed an apathetic attitude toward this disease and feel this can't affect them."

Mario Lopez hosted last night's annual event in Las Vegas. Miss California took first runner-up, while Miss Louisiana rounded out the top three.

Below, watch Cameron take on a Beyonce single during the competition.


My family are friends of Miss America's father and mother, and my children were her childhood friends. We attended the same church as Miss America and witnessed a family that went through much. What they have is a lot of love for one another and compassion for those around them. You who write about hate have not lived in her shoes. She serves her title well and will be a fine representative for this organization. Your looking at one who loves and deeply cares for her fellow man. She is Miss America. Congrats Caressa.


I'm related to Miss America,just like the rest of those who call this nation home. She is a human being with aspirations, hopes and cares. We should all embrace these events with the attitude we desire to be expressed if it was our daughter, our sister, our cousin, schoolmate, etc.
Another blogger mentioned "hating"; it's really a lack of acknowledging our common humanity.
Congratulations Miss America! Go and continue to do your part to help heal the world and make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race.


As Vivica Fox (Actress) said as one of the judges "Looking for that "IT" girl." I honestly believe that Caressa Cameron was that "it" girl. She had it all....intelligent, caring, talented, great comminicator, very "Fine and Beautiful" woman who's an excellent representation of a Miss America. A person of character!


Let the hating began!!!!!! Not only is she beautiful, smart, caring, and a excellent representation for Miss America, she’s an example that not only blue eyes, blond hair is considered to be “Pretty� in this day and time. I’m so glad I’m not the shallow type of person who only see beauty in people who look like/ same color as I am. We have had some very pretty, smart women to represent the women of America over the years. It’s time to let go of the hate, stop teaching hate and give credit where it’s due.


John and his co-signer(s) sit in a corner and die.


I think you hit it John. She doesn't represent America. She represents leftist whackos. Just ask Carrie Prejean. Nobody cares anymore anyway. Was that thing even televised?


She is very very pretty.


She is not pretty, just because is "black"