Brooke Mueller Illness Update: Pneumonia Confirmed

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Brooke Mueller is really sick.

Hospitalized earlier this week following emergency wisdom tooth surgery, Charlie Sheen's wife remains in intensive care. Said Brooke's mother to E! News:

"It became infected.  The infection spread and now she has pneumonia in both lungs."

A court hearing scheduled for yesterday, where a judge would rule on Mueller and Sheen's request that a restraining order on the actor be lifted, has been pushed back to Friday. But Brooke's lawyer says his client is "not doing great."

Still Married

"Brooke is still in the hospital," Yale Galanter said. "We thought there was a possibility she was going to be released today, but she's not because she has developed pneumonia in her lungs."

The attorney has filed a motion to move the aforementioned court date to February 8.

A Colorado judge, meanwhile, has granted Sheen access to his wife in the hospital. He's already been in to visit her. For Brooke's sake, let's hope he didn't bring any Two and a Half Men DVDs along for entertainment.

** UPDATE: Mueller has reportedly left the ICU and will likely be present at the hearing tomorrow.


Also, read the Police affidavit under Hollywood Gossip dated 12/29/09. Police officier found knife open in Charlie's bag and red marks on Brooke. Looks to me that they have enough evidence against him. That's why he was arrested in the first place. Wonder if money will get him off or not. Maybe his dad will come to his rescue again. Even if Brooke wants to get back together or not it doesn't matter as DA can still go after him. That is why they changed the law years ago as many women got afraid after the fact and changed their stories. Brooke and other women out there, you need to be STRONG and get far away.


P.S. I am glad Brooke has left the ICU.


Typical abusive relationship. Both drinking Christmas Eve, she wants divorce, they argue, he pinns her on bed, puts knife to throat and threatens to kill her if she says anything. No wonder they are still together. She is fearful for her life and feels this is the only choice she has. For me it would not be the only choice, but that must be how she feels. Read and get knowledgeable about what is on the original arrest affidavit.


How ironic is this? First they are involved in a stupid immature fight which created a mess for them. Now she's seriously sick. Maybe they'll hopefully realize what is most important here, and how ridiculous their crazy fighting is. Not so sure that'll happen but I hope so. Adults shouldn't act like they do.