Britney Spears Loves That Body

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Britney Spears is calling BS on reports that she hates her body.

We're glad she set the record straight, because we've been fans of it ever since we got that ... Baby One More Time poster for our dorm room in college.

We may be dating ourselves a bit with that reference, but the point remains that Britney Spears, just like anyone else, has no reason to hate her body.

That's why her official site is calling out recent celebrity gossip reports that she will "always hate" her body. Two words, Look magazine: Puh. Lease.

"See who's full of it," the pop star posted on Twitter after finding a feature in the tabloid that claims to have interviewed the star about her body issues.

Britney Spears takes issues with this bull$hit story.

"I'm a perfectionist, which means I'm never satisfied," the article quotes Spears as saying, even though she didn't. "I always strive for things to be better."

"I think you can be happy with the person on the inside but on the outside, you're always striving for more. That's how you end up driving yourself crazy."

Look also quoted her saying she isn't comfortable in their own skin and doesn't see herself as sexy. Not true, says Britney, and we couldn't agree more.

She also cries foul on the Globe, which claims she is one of a handful of celebs "who'll die next," and takes the National Enquirer to task for claiming she is "headed back to the psych ward" after her father Jamie's conservatorship was extended.

Britney's image is the most carefully-crafted in Hollywood since her problems of 2007-2008, so it's no surprise she's dispelling these erroneous reports.

In the words of many a fan, LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!


I agree with hellion!


Miss Britney is cool & sexy & please she is only human she has had a life that not many of us will ever have who cares what people say about you this is your life & being perfect is boring your hot girl but PLEASE that ex Kevin is a DIRTY DOG Im sorry but I hate him maybe if he was there for you like you were there for him nothing would have happened to you & your famliy I just hate that if the woman does something we are the worst people in the world what about the MEN who have being doing shit for years.I SAY LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE.


britney's body is a true work of art, a pristine canvas i would like to explore every inch of. my own body, at the other hand, looked better 30 pounds and 5 years ago.


it's her body, not ours. just leave her alone. it doesn't affect us if she's skinnt or fat or anything..


Britney hates her body because it is responsible for her fame and the insanity that is her life. Did anyone actually think that her dumpage that she calls music had anything to do with it?


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