Britney Spears: Feuding with Dad Again

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Is Britney losing it?

In a display of tantrums and cries for help, the deeply troubled singer has been pulling out her hair in clumps, throwing screaming fits and worse.

Britney Spears has been so unstable recently that her father warns he will have her committed to the psych ward again, according to sources.

In a grim flashback to her public meltdown in 2007, she even threatened to kill herself while arguing with her father and conservator, Jamie.

"Her dad's reaction was clear - keep it up and she'll end up back in a mental ward," revealed a source close to Britney Spears' family.

We know it did great things for her and got her back on track, but it's been three years. Is Jamie stretching the conservatorship out too long?

Loony Bin Calling

Britney Spears is supposedly depressed because Jamie has no intention of ending the legal conservatorship he holds over her - for at least another three years!

By then, Britney will be 31, and her estate may be worth $1 billion from album and concert sales. Only then will she be free to make her own decisions.

Meanwhile, Jamie Spears has his sexy daughter booked for as many tours and albums as her management can land. You gotta milk that cash cow hard!

"Britney had her hopes up because her dad told her if she did an Australian concert tour, which ended November 29, he would free her," said a source.

"But when the court extended the conservatorship before Christmas, it shattered Britney. She was thrown for a loop," and thinks it was his plan all along.

Spears is due back in court Friday for a status update on the conservatorship. Hopefully they don't take away more rights from the credit card bandit.

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I don't know what to think. Obviously, she has deep mental problems. Not sure if her daddy is or isn't looking out for her best interests. Truthfully, I feel sorry for her. Sounds like a difficult and lonely life when you factor in the mental illness.


Shouldn't a neutral third party, like maybe a psychiatrist or something, be the conservator? How can her family legally keep her imprisoned like that? Does she even still want to work or is she being forced to continue to make money for others sake? If she's going nuts, well it's understandable. I'd feel the same way if I were essentially imprisoned in a glass cage like that. She worked most of her life and now can not even spend her own money how she likes or have any freedom?


Ohhhh Britney just GROW the fuck up. You just act so stupid


oh did i mention Miley Cryus is 17 and she acts more grown up then Ms Spears. Britney needs help of course. But for a 28 year old to pull her hair out and throw temper tantrums is pitiful. WE NEED TO LOCK HER ASS UP.


Shes a loser. So immuture!


Britney was a total mental case before her dad pulled her fat out of the fire. She's 28 and still throwing tantrums and pulling her hair out when she doesn't get what she wants? Maybe when she grows up and stops acting insane things will change.


Way to go dad!! If these claims are true, he obviously doesn't see his daughter as a human being. She's 28? and she still has her dad running her life? I'd be going nuts too. I mean I love my dad but a person has to be allowed to have their own life. What a mess.