Bristol Plain Wants a Piece of Levi Johnston

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Single mom Bristol Palin wants her baby daddy to support their kid.

Specifically, that means she is angling for some of the money generated by the recent Levi Johnston nude Playgirl photos and subsequent media blitz.

Court documents filed by Bristol's lawyer Wednesday in Alaska demand $1,750 a month from Levi - retroactive to the birth of son Tripp on December 27, 2008.

According to the filing, Bristol Palin believes Levi pulled in "in excess of $105,000 in 2009 through various media interviews and modeling related activities."

In other words, peeps paid Levi Johnston to get naked! That's what he does.

Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin in happier, fake-engaged times.

Bristol says in a statement, "I have received limited and sporadic financial assistance from Levi." Bristol says Levi forked over only $4,400 over the 13 months of Tripp's existence - $3,000 on September 9, 2009, $1,400 on December 19.

Pretty weak, dude. Way to support your kid.

Bristol Palin is seeking temporary support for lil' Tripp, pending permanent child support. In the meantime, maybe hit up mom Sarah for some book royalties?


I agree with 3 of the 4 comments on here. He should be like any other dad and step up to the plate and support his child. They may not be married but he does have that responsibility to take care of his son. Bristol is by no means innocent in all of this, she picked him but in a small town like Wasilla, AK she probably didn't have much of a selection. I'm from a small town too. Bristol is trying to help young women not get into the same situation she did and I commend her for that. Isn't the old saying "You Learn From Your Own Mistakes" well she has and is just trying to what is in the best interest of that child. Levi Johnston will have his 15 minutes of fame and then go off into Oblivion like one of the comments said but he will still be the father of that child and still have to pay support. Life is harsh sometimes but you have to step up and do the right thing.


She is going make the abstinance movement a joke . That Mother of hers was knocked up before she was married so why would the daughters act any different . What's more disgusting is the pimping of these babies , at least Levi only pimps himself . Wasilla hillbillies stay turned for the lastest episode .


This dude's entire claim to fame is having knocked up Sarah Palin's daughter. He has no class, he's a whiner, frankly, if I were Bristol Palin, I'd be embarrassed I'd ever dated him. The sooner he drops into oblivion, the better the world will be.


What is the problem! Like any other father in America he needs to pay for his child. Why should Levi be different? Because you don't like the grandmother. Bristol seems like a good mom and sweet person. Wish Hollywood and Kathy Griffin would just stay out of teenage business! They are young so they will make mistakes!


She just wants him to step up.....she doesn't want another piece of his publicized wanker....he hasn't been visiting or providing any support for the little is crappy when jerks like this guy actually pro-create..

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