Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston: Back Together (Tabloids Unanimously Declare)!

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Rumors of Angelina Jolie cheating on Brad Pitt and their relationship being on the rocks got so bad that the couple actually hit back at the tabloids this week.

Well, the tabloids just collectively retaliated tenfold!

According to OK! Weekly, a publication with reporting so terrible that even Kourtney Kardashian kalls them out, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are back on!

Leave it to George Clooney to play matchmaker, their story hilariously says. He allegedly arranged for the former spouses to to bump into each other Friday.

And they did just that at the Hope For Haiti Now Telethon, reuniting at an elaborate backstage buffet while Brad’s partner, Angelina Jolie, was away in NYC!

The drama! Angie had already been in a jealous rage over Jen and Brad. Just imagine when she stops in to pick up some groceries later and learns that ...

Jen and Brad Back On!

TOGETHER AGAIN: That 15-second Haiti telethon run-in was something! Nice line through the pics, guys. Too bad they didn't pose together for this made-up story.

The magazine's in-depth reporting goes on to describe Brad and Jen's "emotional reunion" and state that the actress is ready for a future with her ex-husband.

But why trust OK! alone? Three other celebrity gossip weeklies got in on the same action this week, declaring a messy end to the couple known as Brangelina:

Jen Split 'Em Up
I'll Take You Back!

BRAD'S MISERY: Jennifer Aniston broke up Brangelina, according to myriad fake sources. In other news, Spencer Pratt created a monster named "Franken-Heidi."


I don't know what everyone see's in Brad Pit- he's not all that. Jen can do so much better. Let Angolina have him, she's not all that either.


Well, after reading these comments I have to put my two cents worth in. Back when Mr&Mrs smith was being cast, the female part that Angie ended up with is,because he requested her. I heard it myself when the breakup first happend but, it was hushed up quickly. so, it isn't all Angies fault. If Brad had kept strong to his vows to Jennifer, he wouldn't be with Angie. but, Jennifer has the best revenge of all, She looks absolutley AwEsOmE!!! at the award show a few weeks ago, she knock the socks of everyone, I am sure that brad has his regrets, he should have. But whos to say whats going on ReAlLy..for me, I would like to see brad and jen back together, she has always wanted kids, so she can share brads/angie without even have to wreck her body. so, it will all work out..imagine that.. is pretty wild. LOL


As we all lnow, Gossip is just that. Idk if Angelina cheated. I'd have to see it to belive it. I don't think Jennifer would take Brad back but I don't know her so who knows if the chance came. It is very hard to take back someone who cheated & has been with the same person 4 as long as Brad Has been away. Being cheated on turns your whole world around. So many questions.Like what was wring with the one who didn't cheat. U ask urself so much & sometimes it take yrs 2 stop questioning but that hurt remands.being famous, the sad thing is people dig N ur life.They many times make up lies & they don't ever take into consideration that they do, as hiumans deserve privacy. Even thouh ur famous doesn't mean everything in their lives r our business. Cheating destroys & I notice that the worse people hear about famous people the better. Jealousy? Idk, It's really just sad that they don't get privacy.Being famous doesn't invite us all into their private lives!


Is it just me, or does the front page of OK look fake? It looks like they took a picture of Jen, and one of Brad, and put them together. You can even see where Jen's hair was touched up on Brad's side of the white line (going down the middle of the front page). Are people really this gullible? I didn't believe it when I saw it in the stores. I just wanted to see what everyone else thought, and I'm glad to see that for the most part, people aren't falling for it. Save your money people. We're gonna need it.


My opinion is that Jennifer is better without Brad. He is just a jerk which don't deserve another chance!!!!!!


So what if they are together.They should be together.Jen bring it in line and be nice again, like when he was with her.


Ok, the best line of this article was the bit about Spencer creating Franken-Heidi.....:) Crack me up...and I guess if you flicked Heidi's forehead, she would too.....


Why would Jen take Brad back? She's so much hotter than he is now. She could do better. And I read in the "Brangelina" bio, by Ian Halperin, that Brad left her after she had two miscarriages. Jen deserves better than that. Halperin predicts that Brangelina will split, too. Only time will tell if Angelina can keep her claws in a man for more than 5 years.


Much ado about nothing! Who gives a flying sh!t? Bigger fish to fry, have we not? I say yea, yea, yea!


teddy, the voices in your head don't count as sources. btw, the ledge thing was not clever at all. if they break up it won't be the end of the world, it wouldn't be the 1st people with kids to split up and not the last. jen doesn't care what brad does, get over it, she did. she has nothing to do with them, the only reason they try to tie her name with them every time these two's relationship is on the rocks is cuz jen's name followed by brad pitt and angelina jolie sells

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