Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston: Back Together (Tabloids Unanimously Declare)!

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Rumors of Angelina Jolie cheating on Brad Pitt and their relationship being on the rocks got so bad that the couple actually hit back at the tabloids this week.

Well, the tabloids just collectively retaliated tenfold!

According to OK! Weekly, a publication with reporting so terrible that even Kourtney Kardashian kalls them out, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are back on!

Leave it to George Clooney to play matchmaker, their story hilariously says. He allegedly arranged for the former spouses to to bump into each other Friday.

And they did just that at the Hope For Haiti Now Telethon, reuniting at an elaborate backstage buffet while Brad’s partner, Angelina Jolie, was away in NYC!

The drama! Angie had already been in a jealous rage over Jen and Brad. Just imagine when she stops in to pick up some groceries later and learns that ...

Jen and Brad Back On!

TOGETHER AGAIN: That 15-second Haiti telethon run-in was something! Nice line through the pics, guys. Too bad they didn't pose together for this made-up story.

The magazine's in-depth reporting goes on to describe Brad and Jen's "emotional reunion" and state that the actress is ready for a future with her ex-husband.

But why trust OK! alone? Three other celebrity gossip weeklies got in on the same action this week, declaring a messy end to the couple known as Brangelina:

Jen Split 'Em Up
I'll Take You Back!

BRAD'S MISERY: Jennifer Aniston broke up Brangelina, according to myriad fake sources. In other news, Spencer Pratt created a monster named "Franken-Heidi."


hi everyone i am a girl looking for someone to date. i don't care if he's married, i don't care. i just need a man in my life to satisfy the needs i have between my legs. please add me to msn:


dayum diz peeps be trippin..why u fink dat jenn be wid dat foo brad and he be lookin like an old sheep azz dayum dat angelina biatch haf lips that be lookin like a toilet plunger i bet she be plungin da shiznat out of bradz old white azz


You guys are all dumb! Who really gives a shit what goes on in there lives? You people act like you personally know them! I think people who keep up with the stars personal lives need to get a life thierselves! lol lamo people!


I seriously doubt Angelina is out having affairs, anyone with even one child knows they drain all of your energy, having one man is hard enough to satisfy


Celebs meet with lawyers BEFORE marriage to do the prenuptial agreements. The fact that Angie and Brad have met lawyers bring that very close to mind. Tabloids are vested in finding dirt, therefore they don't mind slinging mud in areas where it truly does not exist. Jen is (as far as we're told) a well rounded woman. The demise of a marriage with a lingering ex is just HOT! Who wouldn't want to nose around to find out all the dirt into Susie homemaker's marriage? All in all, most folk who have a brain could care less. Everyone else (big crayon and all) can continue to lick windows on the lil yellow bus.. along with OK sources.


Well,Brad certainly has aged 15 years whilst in the Company of that weirdo Jolie. She is a complete weirdo and is a homewrecker. Sure, Brad could have said no, but she is a predator and cares not who is in her way. She is viscious and what sweet revenge it would be for Jen and her ex to be back together. I am sure she loves him very much however, she will have to love him even more if they get back together because Jolie will always be in the way trying to push them apart. As for the children, well, only three of them are his (or are they?)


I hope they do get back together. They both looked so happy when together and you could tell they really loved each other


Dont you people have other more important things to worry about... here we are as adults arguing wether or not they are together or not when you will never in your lifetime meet these stars... Do you people honestly think they give a rats @$$ whats going on in your life... And just in case your wondering what the hell im doing posting a comment, it was a damn pop up and I couldnt help but read some of my fellow americans comments... lol tata


jen has dated 3 guys since brad "vswilson," you exaggerate WAY TOO MUCH. all her friends say she's not looking to settle down and doesn't wanna jump into a serious relationship, and why would she when the guy she was married to turned out to be a low-life loser? brad seems miserable, he looks like he's aged 30 years since he's been with angelina even though it's only been 5. many people who've worked with him say that he drinks heavily, a happy person does not drink themselves to the extreme point of intoxication, especially any good parent who has to take care of the children he so desperately wanted. as far as the when she presented the oscars, when i saw it, jen didn't look uncomfortable at all, those stories are printed with the help of angelina's PR, it's total BS. of course angelina seemed calm, she never shows any sort of emotion, she is one of the most boring people in hollywood


my opinion on jenn taking brad back is do it girl !! Take back what is rightfully yours at heart! Jolie isn't good enough even if she does adopt children. I think jenn will treat him the way he needs to be if it is all gossip, it is still an exciting event that lots wish would happen!!

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