Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston: Back Together (Tabloids Unanimously Declare)!

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Rumors of Angelina Jolie cheating on Brad Pitt and their relationship being on the rocks got so bad that the couple actually hit back at the tabloids this week.

Well, the tabloids just collectively retaliated tenfold!

According to OK! Weekly, a publication with reporting so terrible that even Kourtney Kardashian kalls them out, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are back on!

Leave it to George Clooney to play matchmaker, their story hilariously says. He allegedly arranged for the former spouses to to bump into each other Friday.

And they did just that at the Hope For Haiti Now Telethon, reuniting at an elaborate backstage buffet while Brad’s partner, Angelina Jolie, was away in NYC!

The drama! Angie had already been in a jealous rage over Jen and Brad. Just imagine when she stops in to pick up some groceries later and learns that ...

Jen and Brad Back On!

TOGETHER AGAIN: That 15-second Haiti telethon run-in was something! Nice line through the pics, guys. Too bad they didn't pose together for this made-up story.

The magazine's in-depth reporting goes on to describe Brad and Jen's "emotional reunion" and state that the actress is ready for a future with her ex-husband.

But why trust OK! alone? Three other celebrity gossip weeklies got in on the same action this week, declaring a messy end to the couple known as Brangelina:

Jen Split 'Em Up
I'll Take You Back!

BRAD'S MISERY: Jennifer Aniston broke up Brangelina, according to myriad fake sources. In other news, Spencer Pratt created a monster named "Franken-Heidi."


jen aniston looks like a man to me, her strong jaw and ugly muscles are too much.


I would love to see Brad and Jennifer do a Movie together! That would bring them back together for sure! My opinion, they are supposed to be together. It's never too late for that.


some guys know nothing about TRUE beauty!(brad is one of these guys!!) true beauty is something that angie has NEVER and will NEVER know... jennifer, on the other hand, has ALWAYS known true beauty... so for all you guys who say you wouldnt give Jen the time of day......Trust and beleive Jenn wouldn't even think of givin YOU the time of day!


John bennet Jen is sweet and she is an angel. According to you Jen is not attractive but you know something what is important is not the outside but the inside. Angie may have looks but she is a pathetic homewrecker which by the way takes away her "good" looks. There you have it.


Jen should not take him back even if he splits with Ange- She is way better than waiting around for years until he comes to his senses. What is so special about Brad? He looks good and he can act. So many men out there with much more going for them. Honestly so many men out there. I'd be so bored if thats all i had to look forward to.


John Bennet, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I happen to think that Jennifer Aniston is gorgeous. So, to each their own...


I have never thought Jennifer Aniston was attractive, and think she is a spitting image of Barbara Streisand. I just don't get it-why the press tries to emphasize Jen's "beauty" when she is NOT attractive at all. Look at those piercing small eyes and that pointy nose on that long face. She has pretty hair... so what? I know a ton of chics (who aren't famous) who can easily blow smoke circles around Jen in the looks department, so I am still shaking my head on anyone even thinking she is a beautiful woman. Probably the least attractive celebrity I can think of, off the top of my head. And if it weren't for her fame (from Friends) and her money, I don't think any of these guys (Brad, John, etc) or any other would really give her the time of day. I sure as h--- wouldn't.


Poor Jennifer always looking for publicity from Brad and Angelina, hope someday she has her own family and leads a happy life.


brad and angelina are NOT married so Jen wouldnt be a "homewrecker" if she and Brad DID get back together. AJ was the homewrecker. and not for nuthin, but sometimes it's better for the kids if their constantly warring parents split up. it's not always best to try to stay together 'for the childrens sake'.


What goes around comes around......Who cares about Brad and Angelina?
I'm sure we will hear about a Haiti child being "collected" by Angelina soon. Jen is a beautiful, decent person and she deserves to be happy and find someone who loves her. Please STOP attaching her to the Brad and Angelina saga-she deserves better.

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