Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston: Back Together (Tabloids Unanimously Declare)!

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Rumors of Angelina Jolie cheating on Brad Pitt and their relationship being on the rocks got so bad that the couple actually hit back at the tabloids this week.

Well, the tabloids just collectively retaliated tenfold!

According to OK! Weekly, a publication with reporting so terrible that even Kourtney Kardashian kalls them out, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are back on!

Leave it to George Clooney to play matchmaker, their story hilariously says. He allegedly arranged for the former spouses to to bump into each other Friday.

And they did just that at the Hope For Haiti Now Telethon, reuniting at an elaborate backstage buffet while Brad’s partner, Angelina Jolie, was away in NYC!

The drama! Angie had already been in a jealous rage over Jen and Brad. Just imagine when she stops in to pick up some groceries later and learns that ...

Jen and Brad Back On!

TOGETHER AGAIN: That 15-second Haiti telethon run-in was something! Nice line through the pics, guys. Too bad they didn't pose together for this made-up story.

The magazine's in-depth reporting goes on to describe Brad and Jen's "emotional reunion" and state that the actress is ready for a future with her ex-husband.

But why trust OK! alone? Three other celebrity gossip weeklies got in on the same action this week, declaring a messy end to the couple known as Brangelina:

Jen Split 'Em Up
I'll Take You Back!

BRAD'S MISERY: Jennifer Aniston broke up Brangelina, according to myriad fake sources. In other news, Spencer Pratt created a monster named "Franken-Heidi."


I am so laughing at some of these comments.....Jen looks like a man...whatever
Have you looked at Angelina lately?? She looks like a washed up crank whore ready for another dose. Her lips our bigger than her butt and you don't even have to get a close up of her to see her flaws. Jen has it going on and i think brad knows that as well.
Angelina lives a very destuctive life and that is obvious just from her weight loss and deminishing looks. It is so sad that she is taking brad with her.


stfu sherry, moron. I'm willing to bet Jen is a hell of a lot more beautiful than you. She looks very good for her age, especially compared to trout lips angelina.. I really hope Jen and Brad get back together. Ange can go die, for helping split up such a lovely couple. She's a total bitch!


people! Its all about love. Not a bout who is more beutifull. Jenifer or Angie.


U people can't forgive Angie what she did...She is the WOMAN. It's for sure. And I don't think Brad regrets about anything. She stole his heart for the rest of his life.And with whomever he will be, he covets her,believe me...She just calls him..and he jumps,like a puppy for her.He lost his mind, that is why he drinks...The more she "beats" him, the more he loves her.Human mentality is very complicated...


Well...It was interesting to read above.Jen is definitely happy,but look at Brad's eyes. He is ready to cry. He loves Angie,whatever she is...It happens.I feel sorry for Jen though,because she loves Brad.This triangle is forever...And no one is able to resolve it.Men never love good women.It's too boring and uninteresting.Plain beauty without "spice" is nothing...


well i reckon jen n brad are not meant to be..... i reckon he should stay with angie like they hve so much history and they adopted kids how are the kids gonna feel their supposed to make the kids feel like their home come on far out theyve neva had a home n angie n brad are their home.... and thats stupid already dating jen hve they even got divorced yet far out people really need to think before they do something stupid or regreting


angelina is soo ???????. Jenifer is 5 times younger in looks compare to angelina. I couldnt believe angelold is only 30's she really looks old. i couldnt imagine how will she looks like in 40's goooshhhh!!!!! she couldnt compare with jen. its like comparing a teenage girl with her mom. Angelina is mmommy for brad acctually. look how desperate brad is by growing beard and what so ever to match with his oldy wifey


No matter what anyone says Angie is the bitch here (has always been...) There is no comparison with Jen, the only problem is the nutcase of Brad not being able to see the witch he's with now disguised as Goodwill Ambassador.... I'd like to see Angie and Jen in 30 years to see who is still beautiful.


Uh Sofia, you have it all wrong. Jennifer Aniston doesn't look for the publicity from Brad and Angelina, the media forces it down her throat every day!


I'm sorry but i don't see any beauty in Jennifer Aniston, except for her hair. Her looks are more of a man than of a woman.Her eyes are like pups eyes, her jaw like a man's, her chin too long with deep lines. her muscles are too much, she almost look like a man. She looks sexy from a distance but then we you get a closer look, you'd see her macho body, ewwwww!!!!!

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