Brad Ferro Fired For Snooki Knockout

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Snooki 1, Meathead 0. The New York City gym teacher who punched the Jersey Shore star in the freaking face last summer is now losing his job as a result.

Given that Brad Ferro's job is to help shape young minds, one can understand how beating up a girl, however annoying she is, would be frowned upon.

An official at the NYC Department of Education tells the site it's drafting a letter to fire Ferro, who was arrested for the barroom attack, within 30 days.

"The termination is underway," the official says.

Snooki Got Dropped

THE MESSED UP INCIDENT: A screen-grab from the now-yanked promo of Snooki getting clocked. She did not deserve that. She was being really annoying, though.

Brad Ferro, who lives and works in Queens, had been assigned to a non-teaching role ever since the controversial footage aired during a recent MTV promo.

The network ended up not airing the actual knockout blow after negative reaction to the promo. Snooki, a.k.a. Nicole Polizzi, did get drilled pretty hard.

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Megf: What is a "wemon"? Do you put wemons in your watter? And "inccourgable"? And you say "as teachers we, blah, blah, blah..." I hope you are not a teacher!
Oh, and each other is two words...not eachother!
And yes, I spelled watter that way on "porpoise"!


I tried a couple times to watch this MTV crap and gave up quickly. Anyone who watches on a regular basis is as bad as they are. This sleeze should be put to sleep. What an ugly pig.


Kenneth: Takes one to know one.


Eugene, you are an idiot!!!!!


Lis: No, actually, I raped the babysitter. Too True: Bite me, bitch.


A teacher should not hit a woman! being a teacher is NOT a job, it IS a responsibility! all kids in someway look at teachers as examples/models! I CANNOT stomach snooki and i'm eagerly awaiting the day MTV closes but this is not right.


Should he have hit her? No. Should he be fired for it? No. This has lawsuit for unjust termination written all over it.


Yes, absolutely. This guidette-hater should be put on Bully'll need the cash after getting canned. I'm sure Mayhem Miller would even do the honors of the BeatDown himself.


Snooki, needs to close her annoying pie hole. He should of have hit her way harder. I say hit her again. That loud mouth may think twice next time.


Okay ya EUGENE55 you must be a woman beater if you think what that guy did was "okay". You are a Jacka$$, it has everything to do with his job. As teachers we are responsible for showing the children that we teach how to respect eachother. Not only did he show his students how to not act but he is also showing them that violence against wemon is acceptable. Which we all know is absolutly NOT. He is Gym Teacher. He had so many young inccourgable men under his guidance. And look what he has shown them. I am glad they canned him. and if they are smart they would strip him of his teaching credentials.

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