Artie Lange Hospitalized; Status Unclear

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Artie Lange, a.k.a. Howard Stern's sidekick, has been hospitalized in New Jersey.

The 42-year-old former MADtv star was admitted for an undisclosed ailment.

"Artie is in the hospital," Lange's rep said in a statement. "Artie has chosen to keep this matter between him and his doctor. There will be no further comment."

Lange, who has a history of substance-abuse issues, had been MIA from Howard Stern's satellite radio show for a month and canceled several stand-up gigs.

Get well soon, Artie Lange.

He recently pulled the plug on a New Year's Eve engagement, and per his official website, all of his stand-up dates through February have also been scrapped.

In 2009, Artie Lange made headlines for a DUI bust (for prescription sleeping pills) as well as a profane, homophobic appearance on HBO's Joe Buck Live.

While Lange's health situation and Stern fate remain unclear, perhaps Stern will shed light on it when he comes back from his holiday hiatus Monday.


my heart breaks to know anyone is in that much pain. be strong! Youre stronger than you know. Just the fact that you survived is great strength. sometimes you have to go to hell before you can find peace. my love and best wishes and prayers are with Artie and his family.


artie, i wish you and the family the best! lifes choices are hard to carry around at times but there is hope and with hope i can go on and so can you. no matter how many people knock us down, there some really good people out there and your one of strong, be real and be healed.


Hope artie makes it back after he gets it together. The show would not b the same without him and the world woul not b the same without him. We love you artie!


God bless Artie,but suicide is the sissies way out. Get well buddy.


Artie's a middle-aged guy whose in really poor health because he lives too hard. Hopefully, this episode will motivate him to take better care of himself. Let's wish him well.