Angelina Jolie Cheating Rumor Debunked; Tabloid Stands By Made-Up Story

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are involved in drama every week - at least on the cover of tabloids. But this time, the celebrity gossip hit a little close to home.

In Touch Weekly alleged last week that Angelina had an affair with a dialect coach she worked with for her upcoming film Salt. Not so, according to E! News.

That's because he didn't even work with Jolie on Salt.

"All my friends thought it was hysterical," said 51-year-old Howard Samuelsohn. "I've had eight different reporters call me. One was even outside my home."

He says that In Touch contacted him asking about the nature of his relationship with Jolie. His response: "'Yes, I know her professionally. She's very nice.'"

Ha. Dude's totally nailing her. That gives it away.

Could Brangelina actually be - gasp! - happy these days?

Samuelsohn added that on top of not working with Angelina Jolie on her character for the movie, he's been "with the same woman for 33 years" himself.

Meanwhile, the Waldorf Astoria, where housekeeper Anna Kowalski told In Touch she saw kinky evidence of the tryst, says no such person works there.

Despite being taken to task, In Touch stands by its story, semantics aside, saying a source verified that Kowalski worked at the Waldorf last summer.

"We never claim Anna was a current employee of the hotel or provide the specific name of her coach, of which there were several," an In Touch rep said.

"In Touch stands by our reporting on this story." Congratulations!

Perhaps this latest blip on the radar will disappear soon. A source close to the couple says Jolie and Pitt are planning on attending the Oscars. Together.

Eh, Star will still break them up tomorrow probably. Or at least assert that Jennifer Aniston is meddling again and Angie is slowly losing her marbles.


It really doesn't matter what the tablies say. Photo Assumption is a game people like to play, quite forgetting the context in which the photos are taken, lots of flashes, noise, people shouting things at you asking you to smile or taking digs at you. I can't see why a couple who is as committed as they are to keeping time for themselves and their families would split any time soon. A much better hint is they are spending lots of time apart, both working at the same time. Couples who can't stand each other - on the brink of divorce, find every excuse in the book to be apart as much as possible. So unless you make the assumption that when you DON'T see them together, they are apart - and there's NO evidence of that, you can probably assume that Brad and Angelina are together.


I think it's sad that they use having baby after baby for more fame. Just cause they have all this money. Chidren do need parents growing up, not just to remember more of the nanny always being their. Brad looked more relaxed and hotter when he was with Jen. Now , look @ him. He looks a mess.


so sources are saying that angelina and brad will be going to the oscars together...Ha..Ha..Ha. what was wrong with the Golden Globes this year???? do you suppose it was Jennifers presence there that kept them out. after all, Jennifer meeting with them face to face last year, Angie couldn't handle it. When did Angie ever miss one of these events, NOT. Whos your daddy now Jolie. And who is looking Hotter than ever.. Angie looks terrible these days, STRESS will do that. As a matter Brad isn't looking his best either. I guess that they are getting what they deserve. the feel in Lust instead of Love. of couse it isn't going to last. Call it a Wrap for Angie and Brad. the kids will servive, I did.


I am so sick of hearing about Brad & Angie!!! Neither one of these losers deserve to be parents. What did Brad think he was getting himself into with a, "MAN EATER" like Angelina Jolie. She takes them from other women, uses them for her own needs and spits them out. On the other hand, Brad cheated on his exquisite wife, Jennifer, who is totally hotter than the pig he is with now. So all I got to say to him is, "What comes around goes around!" Also... get a good attorney because you have years of battles in court over your kids and visitation rights. Angie is going to be as evil as my husband's ex-wife. Good luck!!! - S.L.


good night nurse!


I will take half his salary and ho away quietly, yet happily and grateful as well. Some folks have luck, others do not.


Don't know if I will be able to sleep.


Samuelson is NOT the only dialect coach from the film. IT never even named him. He's the only one to come out and talk about it. And while he denies involvement, he certainly doesn't rule everybody else out. He tries to save the other dialect coaches, but clearly doesn't paint a resounding image of Angie as a virgin co-worker: "If it was somebody I'm sure it wasn't a dialect coach". How reassuring. I'm not saying IT is a totally reliable source, but geez. And of course the Waldorf is going to deny they had Anna working there as the maid for the family. She's been fired and she's outing their most important clients! Like they'd back her! I wouldn't take anything for granted on this one.


angelina looks like a surprised vampire in the photo. yeah, if a tabloid says something bad about brangelina they're ALL WRONG, but if they say something good about them, they're right, like it matters. who cares if one of them is cheating? it wouldn't matter if they were absolutely miserable, neither one is going anywhere with all the kids they have.


They must be busy and happy with their every day life, I think they are great persons and will them the best!

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