Andy Richter Addresses Conan Controversy, Pleads for a Job

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There's major irony in NBC's humiliating late-night TV controversy:

By running off Conan O'Brien, NBC has provided the comic with his best material in years. As a result, his ratings are rising and his popularity is soaring... just as he's about to leave the network. It's great.

Conan has held nothing back in his monologues and segments this week, letting his soon-to-be former bosses know exactly how he feels about their amateur handling of The Tonight Show. Last night, though, O'Brien let sidekick Andy Richter take the floor.

Richter stared into the camera and addressed the "TV industry" straight on, alerting it to his monetary woes as a result of (among other things), shelling out $400,000 on a Lutheran Bar Mitzvah for his nine-year old son.

Bottom line: Andy Richter really needs a job. Any job. Watch him hilariously plead for one below.


Conan O'Brien isn't funny, he's silly and don't deserve another talk show. Conan never should've had the Tonight Show. They dumped Jay Leno who was number one to give O'Brien the Tonight Show. The rating told just how unfunny O'Brien is; proof nasty Letterman took over the number one position when O'brien took Jay Leno's place. They pushed Leno up into prime time, no talk show can make it during the hours Leno had to take. I bet after Leno gets organize after he takes back over the Tonight Show he will regain the number one rating war in talk shows.


Poor Andy... I was glad to see him reteamed with Conan. I grew up watching Conan since the beginning and was sad to see Andy go. I'm sure Conan will convince another network to take his entire crew with him, including Andy and Max Weinberg. They'd be crazy not to and FOX might actually have a shot at a Late Night Talk Show that actually gets ratings!

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