Adam Lambert Performs on The Oprah Winfrey Show

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He may have performed in front of millions of American Idol viewers and seen his album sales take off, but Adam Lambert didn't officially strike it big until yesterday.

That's when he sat down with talk show icon Oprah Winfrey. The singer didn't touch on anything new in the interview - no, he doesn't regret his American Music Awards performance; yes, he's gay - but he did take the next step in a burgeoning career.

In the following clip, Lambert takes fans on a mini journey of his life. In a nutshell: he eats and he shops. See what we mean:

Lambert also shared his New Year's resolution with viewers: to enjoy every single moment in the spotlight.

He recognized that fame is fleeting and that many winners of American Idol quickly fell out of the public consciousness (no offense, Taylor Hicks). Therefore, he's gonna try his hardest to take in every opportunity and always appreciate what he's accomplished.

Spoken like the Adam Lambert we know and love, right?

Of course, Adam performed for Oprah and fans, too. Watch his rendition of "If I Had You" below.

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I enjoyed watching Adam on Oprah - she seemed quite taken with him. He was articulate, as always, and I enjoyed his singing. I do think that when he "tones it down" a bit, he is much more enjoyable and will gain many more fans. I'm not saying he shouldn't go all out in concerts, but I think on a tv audience, it's less is more.


I have to admit, I was one of Adam's AI fans that found his AMA performance offensive (along with all of my conservative family and friends). His performance on Oprah yesterday reminded me why we were originally drawn to him on Idol. Adam looked and performed as a class act with one magnificent God given voice.


Adam Lambert is a class act which, once again, he made perfectly clear during Oprah's interview. People forget that his much criticised AMA performance was just that, a performance, and it in no way reflects Adam's true personality or character. He is a talented, articulate young man who has overcome plenty of adversity. He has learned to be comfortable in his own skin which allows him to be himself and make the most of his incredible talent. Lucky us! It was obvious that Oprah liked his company and was smitten like the rest of us :)! Rock on, Adam ...


I was very pleasantly surprised by Adam Lambert on Oprah. He seemed to be a gentleman, and very likable. Oprah seemed to be very impressed by him. I always thought he had a good voice, but I didn't like the song he did on the AMA show. But I did like his song yesterday very much - it reminded me of how good he sounded on American Idol.


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