Adam Lambert Performs on The Oprah Winfrey Show

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He may have performed in front of millions of American Idol viewers and seen his album sales take off, but Adam Lambert didn't officially strike it big until yesterday.

That's when he sat down with talk show icon Oprah Winfrey. The singer didn't touch on anything new in the interview - no, he doesn't regret his American Music Awards performance; yes, he's gay - but he did take the next step in a burgeoning career.

In the following clip, Lambert takes fans on a mini journey of his life. In a nutshell: he eats and he shops. See what we mean:

Lambert also shared his New Year's resolution with viewers: to enjoy every single moment in the spotlight.

He recognized that fame is fleeting and that many winners of American Idol quickly fell out of the public consciousness (no offense, Taylor Hicks). Therefore, he's gonna try his hardest to take in every opportunity and always appreciate what he's accomplished.

Spoken like the Adam Lambert we know and love, right?

Of course, Adam performed for Oprah and fans, too. Watch his rendition of "If I Had You" below.

[video url="" title="Adam on Oprah"] [/video]


Loved him the first time I saw him on Idol. Got a bit sidetracked by his AMA performance but I am still a devoted fan and always will be. Hope to see him in concert one day. GO ADAM


Adam is beautiful in every way. I believe Oprah fell in love with him just as have so many others, and I'm so grateful to her for making him the star of her show. So heart-warming, too, to see Adam's mother beaming with pride at her son's stunning performance. Couldn't stop smiling myself.


nice guy.....great stage presence....nice hair....bad song....he should do more covers, maybe a Queen tribute album??? Too screechy for pop radio, needs to switch to rock, if he wants airtime....


3.43 in his song, his smile, wow, he is so good looking, my heart jumped a beat.


Wow what an entertainer and he is so well spoken! I hope he goes with Oprah to the George Clooney Haiti Telethon and I hope he sings. He has such an amazing voice and I can't take my eyes off him when he is on stage. The stuff he said about Madonna made me laugh and I love the way he talks. He is just so funny! This was a great interview! Thank you Oprah!


I watched Oprah, Adam blew me away all over again, he was so personable, and charismatic I know some are not as fond of him as myself and millions of others,and that is their perogative, but I just don't understand why. I love that he is true to his convictions in not apoligizing for his AMA performance, but concerned that he did offend some. I believe it when he states he was acting out the lyrics-he is trained in musical theater. I send the best out into the universe for Adam, I think the stars will align for him for a long time, and the rest of us will be treated to his talent as well.


I am so happy to see the postings/comments here today. I am an avid Adam Lambert fan and I follow all things Adam. Us fans have had to wait patiently for the rest of the passing fans to catch on what a huge talent Adam Lambert is. His confidence, poise, sweetness, intelligence, real and raw talent, is just so mesmerizing. And can we say sexy as sexy gets! Rock on Adam, take it all in and please continue to bring us new and fresh music highlighting your unbelievable vocal gift.


I'm so glad that some people are realizing that they shouldn't judge by one performance. Adam is an amazing talent and we should judge him on that. His not or going to be that artist to do something we don't like. He absolutly rocked it on Oprah yesterday from the great interview to the singing, just ROCKED IT!!!!!! I as well as my daugther will continue to listen to his music, that's all she wants to listen to when we get in the car. She tells me, mommy I want to listen Adam and then sings along to the songs. We just love him, seemed like Oprah was smitten with as well, giving him most of the air time on the show.


So glad people got to see Adam on Oprah yesterday and remember what a wonderful SINGER he is! Let's get past his sexual perference and one questionable performance. This man can SING! That's what we need to focus on......his singing career. He is a remarkable young man that has such a positive attitude and energy. More of this nations youth need to follow his example. I for one will be enjoying Adams music for years (decades) to come!!!! :)


Adam was pure perfection on Oprah!!!! He always blows me away with how articulate, confident, poised,and mesmerizing he is. Did I mention he is also gorgeous and his voice is AMAZING!!!!

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