Adam Lambert Performs on The Oprah Winfrey Show

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He may have performed in front of millions of American Idol viewers and seen his album sales take off, but Adam Lambert didn't officially strike it big until yesterday.

That's when he sat down with talk show icon Oprah Winfrey. The singer didn't touch on anything new in the interview - no, he doesn't regret his American Music Awards performance; yes, he's gay - but he did take the next step in a burgeoning career.

In the following clip, Lambert takes fans on a mini journey of his life. In a nutshell: he eats and he shops. See what we mean:

Lambert also shared his New Year's resolution with viewers: to enjoy every single moment in the spotlight.

He recognized that fame is fleeting and that many winners of American Idol quickly fell out of the public consciousness (no offense, Taylor Hicks). Therefore, he's gonna try his hardest to take in every opportunity and always appreciate what he's accomplished.

Spoken like the Adam Lambert we know and love, right?

Of course, Adam performed for Oprah and fans, too. Watch his rendition of "If I Had You" below.

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@Jack, Oh look another jealous man cutting down Adam. What a surprise, how pathetic. Why don't you go back to 'Queerty', and tell them that I think you, and some of the rest of them are nothing but a bunch of old shriveled up...


Again Adam entertains us not only with his incredible talent ,but with his playful,warm personality. He is a class act. Oprah is a smart business woman and I think she also was charmed and pleasantly surprised by his genuine openess. He never has a bad word to say about any one. Hope he has all of the blessings of the universe and a long,satisfying career in music, movies, tv,theatre and will be allowed to live his life in peace. Thanks Oprah for sharing him with his many fans,and hopefully new ones!


Brilliant Adam Lambert...You are really Amazing!!!I'm glad to see your performance again.You are the best ever and forever,,you have a wonderful voice,talented,very handsome ,honest person and have a very good personality,,,the best that I really feel very in touch that you love and take very good care of your mom and you make all your fans very happy with your brilliant voice,,Iam very enjoy listen your singing ,the Cd that I have bought it,success ,take care.MAY God Bless you forever...Yumiko


Thoroughly enjoyed Oprah's show yesterday. Happy for Susan Boyle. Love Adam Lambert. Great interviews, fantastic singers. Wish them both continued success.


If there was no offense to Taylor Hicks, than why write that in the first place? And he's doing just perfectly fine if you had bothered to find out what he's been up to. Plenty of the public has seen him for the past nearly two years on Broadway and on tour.


Adam has a beautiful fantastic voice, and I love to hear him sing. I love the interpretations he puts on songs, and I love his looks....He is beautiful, sexy, and intelligent...I have loved him ever since he was on American Idol....he is truly charismatic, humble, and sweet...I believe he is a true performer, and will continue on, he could be as great as Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. I would love to go to one of his concerts someday.


The 19M's constant effort for damage control continues and it seems to not stop until they get their money back. They spent thousands and thousands of dollars to make his debut CD, and it has been under performed. His songs are not taking off high on charts, either. After his simulating sex performance, he decides to change his image as a darling sweet being for damage control. His gay friends (Brad Bessey, for example) try hard too helping him appear on ET to announce Haiti charity. His image is never caring and unselfish but always self-centered caring only about being on spotlight. What's going on, America? He definitely uses his sexuality to be a celebrity without hit songs. Trust me. When things are not going his way, he will be off again and fully occupy gossip columns.


My son watched Adam on Oprah with me amd insisted that even though he thinks Adam has a great voice he prefered rock, not pop so much. But later that night while he was playing his xbox 360 I heard him singing "Whataya Want from me, whataya want from me, so whatya want from me?" He was singing it while playing online with a bunch of other guys!


I had a huge smile on my face the whole show! Adam radiates joy and Oprah you could tell, was very taken by him. I really loved how Oprah showcased Adam with the trip back home, intertwined with videos of his year leading to where Adam is now. It was a great positive show!


Adam was wonderful on Oprah. Let's all support him. He made a mistake but everything is ok again thanks to Oprah. His videos are amzazing. I hope Adam is asked to perform at the Telethon, too.

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