Adam Lambert Performs on The Oprah Winfrey Show

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He may have performed in front of millions of American Idol viewers and seen his album sales take off, but Adam Lambert didn't officially strike it big until yesterday.

That's when he sat down with talk show icon Oprah Winfrey. The singer didn't touch on anything new in the interview - no, he doesn't regret his American Music Awards performance; yes, he's gay - but he did take the next step in a burgeoning career.

In the following clip, Lambert takes fans on a mini journey of his life. In a nutshell: he eats and he shops. See what we mean:

Lambert also shared his New Year's resolution with viewers: to enjoy every single moment in the spotlight.

He recognized that fame is fleeting and that many winners of American Idol quickly fell out of the public consciousness (no offense, Taylor Hicks). Therefore, he's gonna try his hardest to take in every opportunity and always appreciate what he's accomplished.

Spoken like the Adam Lambert we know and love, right?

Of course, Adam performed for Oprah and fans, too. Watch his rendition of "If I Had You" below.

[video url="" title="Adam on Oprah"] [/video]


ilove you adam lambert ok j taime


hay ilove you adame ilove you ets mi rim star ok i love you


wats this?is it adam lambert.d super star dat stole d hertz of women with his black make up n polished nails??????????
can anybody tell me 2 which saloon he goes???????
if u know plz tell me . i am dyin 2 know


i love adam very much ....and i love his song (whatya want from me) it raely touched my heart....adam..u have millions of fans in the middle east.....


'Loved this show! Two phenomenal people -- One established icon ... and one who gets closer to being one with every appearance, every performance, every song he "knocks out of the park" ... Oprah's obvious affection and admiration for him is testament to what so many of us see in him. It's no surprise that he's "everywhere we look" these days ... Not many in the public eye possess the talent, looks, fluency and charm of Adam Lambert.


I my music, and Adam Lembert is NO great singer. He sounded SO basic. And his...yelling? You people are sick if you think that Talent. He is basic, nothing more. This is fact, no illusions (Adam) required.


Could the writer of this blog try to mention some former American Idol contestants who are much less known than American Idol, Taylor Hicks?
Why is Taylor a target for these uninformed writers???? Taylor has earned his title and is still working steadily. Perhaps the writer of this blog should do his homework.


In many ways, I think the appearance on Oprah was the best thing that has happened to Adam's career so far. An audience that had never heard of him or had not paid any attention, saw his remarkable talent and personaility in a setting that was so warm and fuzzy. You could nearly feel the love through the TV. I wish that his Mom had been introduced. Just seeing her beaming with pride in the audience, and Oprah singing along and dancing was just priceless.


YAWN! Zero is zero no matter how many digits.


On November 22 [which is my b-day] I saw the AMAs and I saw Adam Lambert performing his new song, for your entertainment. Many days later, I was watching Showbiz Tonight on HLN @ 10pm. They were talking about Adam Lambert, and I asked myself "Who's Adam Lambert???" I saw his face, and I said to myself "Oh, yeah! I remember that guy from the AMAs". People were keep saying that he's gay cuz Adam kiss'd a guy and he said he's not gonna apologize about his "worst" performance. 2 weeks later, I saw Adam's new video "for your entertainment" on VH1 and I was so obssesed with him. 8 days ago in the morning, I saw his brand new video "whataya want from me" and I heard that he's gonna show up on the Critics Choice Movie Awards. Late in that night , I saw the awards show, I saw Adam's precious face on the stage. My little sister and I fall in love with Adam Lambert. I 'll say Adam is the greatest singer ever and he has such an amazing voice I've ever heard.

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