Adam Lambert Lost 40 Pounds

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In early 2009, Adam Lambert won over viewers on American Idol.

But that wasn't the singer's biggest victory to date.

In a new interview with OK! Weekly, Lambert opens up about his life-changing victory over obesity.

“I lost probably about forty pounds about ten years ago,” he said. “When I was in high school, I had bad eating habits. I ate a bunch of crap – a bunch of fast food and stuff. I learned more about what’s healthy and what’s not healthy. I used a little bit of self-control.”

Svelte Singer

After shedding the excess weight, how did Lambert feel?

“Oh, a hundred times better. Physically I felt better, but I also had better self-esteem and body image.”

Lambert added that he lacks the self-discipline to incorporate workouts into his daily routine, but we're not too worried about him. You'd be surprised how many calories can be burned by gyrating around on stage.


This might mot be the newest news, but I am still happy to see a beautiful picture of Adam. It was a nice, well-written article about gorgeous Adam! Thank you 'Hollywood Gossip!'


Touche, Coco!!!!


So, why are you reading and comment about this irrelevant singer? Go and read something about someone with "no lack of relevance". Haha, there are so many people like you.


Adam is relevant and had an amazing New Years show with glowing reviews from everyone. The cd is fantastic. Can't wait for a tour.


We all knew this....reporting old news about this dude will not help his lack of relevance....

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