Adam Lambert Goes on the Record

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Adam Lambert may have had a few issues with ABC recently, but there's one television network that is happy to welcome the American Idol runner-up to its headquarters:

Fuse TV.

The singer will appear on that channel's On the Record tomorrow night. We've gotten a sneak peek at his interview and posted excerpts from it below:

On middle school: “[It] was kind of an isolated time. I mean the only social outlet I really had was theater and that was one day a week. I was in a children's theater group on Saturdays and that was really my social group. That was the one place where I felt like there were other kids like me.”

On coming out as gay: “It’s funny …This whole thing, talking about coming out. I don’t even think about it anymore until all of this started happening with my career. And it’s interesting now, because I am open and visible. I suppose it is important to talk about it, but the past eight or nine years of my life I haven’t thought twice about it, it’s just who I am.”

Talking to the Press

It sounds like Oprah Winfrey fans will soon hear a lot more from Lambert, as well.

For a look at his Fuse TV interview, follow this article's jump.


I love Adam's talent he is original and deserves more recognition for his work. I personally think he was more talented than the other contest tryouts on Idol. I wish him lots of luck and know he definitly go on to be famous!!! I'm a huge fan ,he is my idol.


On ya! America....for having the most exciting talent to arrive since, well, for a very long time, anyway. Adam lambert is an entertaining delight. Congratulations to all those whom recognise and appreciate his brilliance. Down here in Australia, he is not yet heard of from most.


I just love adam! he brings back the sounds of Meatloaf and queen. i love his no holds back attitude and i hope he breaks the wall the more like him can be themselves instead of coming out when their career is d.o.a or they get caught by TMZ!


What a beautiful man!!! People could learn so much about humanity from him if they would just wake up!


I never tire of listening to Adam speak,he's honest, charming articulate,witty,super smart and charismatic !


ADAM LAMBERT is a rock god. He is beautiful inside and out. He is an inspiration,and his mom is my hero


Adam is always so well spoken and articulate. I love listening to him talk and especially sing. He's pretty easy on the eyes too! From the moment my daughter and I saw and heard him on Idol we were hooked. Thanks to people in the media, such as Fuse, for giving Adam the attention and spotlight he deserves.


Never mind the questions, just listen to him: he is smart, articulate, looks gorgeous, he's always clean and polite. You can hardly see somebody like him in this industry. Too bad he doesn't sing.
Happy Birthday to you Adam and best possible luck with your career!


yaawwwnn....It is the same interview he has given over & over...nothing new...a huge snoozefest


Can't get enough of him... Want more of Adam in 2010... Go Adam!...

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