Zanessa and Friends Celebrate a Hudgie Bear Birthday

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It was her party, and Vanessa Hudgens could have cried if she wanted to... but, instead, she chose to get really dressed up.

The actress celebrated her 21st birthday last night by dining at EAST Restaurant and Bar in North Hollywood with attractive boyfriend Zac Efron, Ashley Tisdale and others.

While Efron donned casual attire for the affair, Hudgens sent a message: I'm all grown up now! Look at her outfit:

Birthday Dinner

Of course, a short skirt and fancy hairstyle isn't the only sign that Hudgens has moved on from High School Musical.

Her next starring role is in Sucker Punch, a movie directed by Zack Snyder, best known for the bloody and violent 300, among other R-rated flicks.

For larger images of Zanessa, Tisdale and Scott Speer (the latter's boyfriend) out and about, click on the pics below. Also, don't forget to send Hudgens your birthday wishes today!

Made Up
Ash and Scott
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Happy birthday vanessa i hope u and zac efron will get married u guys make a perfect couple.Hope 2 c u soon.Your biggest fan in the world,lurve alwix


i think vanessa should cover it up or stay home. she may be 21 but if your really mature you should be looking into jobs and marridge, not posing nude photos for Zac Efron. -susie vanessa i thought you already had a man? are you a slut and want more than just 1? i think someone is a little crazy. -chloe


Happy Birthday Nessa! Have a wonderful/awesome day! You looked really beautiful at your party! xD xoxo


vanessa happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!! kiss kiss zanessa 4ever bye


Hey Vanessa Happy 21st B-Day! You look like an adult now:)
Luv Ya!!


she's hot!!!


happy b-day vanessa i wish u good and good health and more power

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