Who Would You Rather: Tiger Woods Mistress Style!

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It seems crazy to think that Tiger Woods, the world's most recognizable athlete, was linked to not one, not two, but three mistress in the past week alone.

Front and center from the dawn of the now-infamous Tiger scandal was Rachel Uchitel (middle), who first denied sleeping with Woods before admitting it.

The two reportedly engaged in crazed, feverish, Ambien-fueled sex.

Tiger was later linked to Tool Academy star Jaimee Grubbs (left), whose voicemail from Woods shocked the world, and club promoter Kalika Moquin (right).

Who would you rather ... you know? Vote below in our poll!

Tiger Woods Mistresses

Tiger Woods' mistresses: Which one would you ... y'know?

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/ I agree. It is and has always been a woman's world in reailty but it is necessary good to be so. Because, they are privilged to have the uterus necessary 4 perpuating the human species. So, they need to be protected by men under any circumstances.However, men are humans too. Their rights must not be sentimentally submerged under the guise of women empowerment. that is not to say what Tiger did is right but, killing him won't reserve the wrong. I have always insisted that when you find a supposedly responsible man cheating on his wife; it's important to clear whether he has not been denied at home by his wife usually in the name of her attention being over-drawn by her children.Whichever way, don't be too fast to hang a man for the sins he has admitted and repentant of. Even God, forgives such. That proves us human after all..


I picked the one in the middle cause she seemed to have the biggest tits...
oh were youse having a serious discussion?


Forget Gatorade and Nike, Tiger should be the Trojan man. They could make a 20 pack and call it "Bone like a Tiger" or "Tiger Love Pack" or maybe just "Grrrr...." with great orange and black striped packaging.


Um from what i've seen, these are all very good photos of all three. Every other photo of them has been much rougher. These almost look touched up in comparison. The first on on the left is scary. The one in the middle looks the best in that photo but in every other one of her, she looks like she parties alot and is in her mid thirties. The one on the right is the best one of the bunch but aint nothing special. The man obviously has some issues, why did he get married in the first place? Not that i care, i think its funny in some way...because this whole time he's tried to control the spin cycle. This great father and husband, this perfect man...when in reality he is just a great golfer. Tiger woods is nothing more then a glorified golfer...with borderline bad taste :)


This stuff happens ALL the time with both men and women. It has always occurred and WILL always occur. Yet, people react as though they are shocked. Folks are being naive at best and stupid at worst. Is it wrong to cheat on someone to whom you have made vows of fidelity? Yes. No question. But, we are gawking as if it is an accident on the side of the road. The truth of matter is...... We are Titillated by this behavior. We have sanctioned the "other" women in the "Skank Bitch" camp and have relegated Tiger to the "What an Idiot when he has such a wonder wife at home" camp. The truth is this: Most women (according to most valid research) would have responded in the same way to Tiger. And Most guys, given the opportunity, would have acted in the same fashion. Move on Folks. Nothing to see here but human misery in action.




Ho Ho Ho


I think tiger now knows he has made a big mistake, yes the grass is greener on the other side of the fence but you do not desert your family to taste it


All 3 are very lovely.


y'lnow,Tiger's still gonna make $100 million next year.Do you really think he gives a shit what people think of him?

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